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Dear JustJeni, First I wonder if your babies have made some progress toward sleeping through the night. Were they born at all early? If so, they may still be on a sleeping-through-the-night track similar to your other babies but just a few weeks behind them. I worked with our babies at keeping them up in the evening so that their bedtime wasn’t until somewhere between 9 and 10 depending on other aspects of our schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I wanted to encourage you to work on a daytime feeding and sleeping schedule with your twins - not to the point of being anxious about it - but having a plan you are moving toward. For example, figuring out what time you want them up in the morning and then waking them up - maybe one at a time if you are not tandem nursing. Plan, from their morning wake-up time their morning nap and them wake them from that in time to nap again in the afternoon when your other napping children nap . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Katrin, I pray that getting some structure back in the day during the rest of this pregnancy will help lift some burdens for you. My babies were always fairly scheduled, but their schedules varied per child (except my twins, I really concentrated on keeping them the same!) More specifically, their feeding times varied, especially in the beginning . . . (read rest of post)
I agree with MomofDaughters and, hey, I have daughters too! Some methods of babycare seem all sweet and wonderful and best for the baby, but in the reality of everyday life they're completely impractical because they leave a family in chaos and the new mother exhausted and depressed. I am loathe to repeat my methods for the millionth time. Instead, get yourself down to the local library and check out a book which talks about scheduling babies . . . (read rest of post)
Welcome jorausethan ;) I to am New to MOTH also. I hope this helps shed some light......... I had my babies scheduled from the minute I brought them home from the hospital (I do mean scheduled TO the minute)....but, that is what I thought I was suppose to do with "JUST BABIES". I thought I just needed to schedule them to get them to sleep through the night by themselves . . . (read rest of post)
I am not a doctor, so I would suggest that you communicate with your doctor. But, sometimes a Fussy Baby is due to being an overly full baby. How OFTEN do you nurse? To keep this to scheduling...........I want to share something. I came to MOTH some time AFTER my dc were babies. As I recall, my now 5 yo-ds was in the 2-3 yo range!! By GOD's blessing, I understood the Eat-Waketime-Sleep cycle, and so I wasn't guessing IF baby's were hungry or tired . . . (read rest of post)
From my experience, I think the clock time for feeding a baby on schedule is pretty important. That doesn’t mean that there were never reasons why I wouldn’t feed a baby a bit early or later. However, I discovered that as we learned the value of scheduling our babies and maintained the baby’s schedule, there just weren’t many reasons why we needed to vary the schedule . . . (read rest of post)
My babies did not wake up early in the morning when I didn’t wake them up. In other words, it didn’t cause them to be early risers. Odd as it might seem, my first three babies, who were demand fed, were my early risers, often 6 a.m. My five babies, who were schedule fed, slept much later in the morning, often until 7:30 or 8:00 . . . (read rest of post)
How long is she up before a nap? Mine at this age could only handle being awake about an hour or else I could count on them waking at the 45-minute mark on the dot. I personally am not comfortable with letting a baby cry it out. When I put them down I set a time limit, and when they wake up "early" I do too. I pay close attention to the baby's cues and type of cry too . . . (read rest of post)
Well, I tried to jump in whole hog at first and kind of fizzeled! What I noticed was that my littlest dc kept on their wake up, naps, and bedtimes. So I just restarted there. It worked well for us. It was last Jan. when I started, so end of Feb. was my melt down- and what remained constant was the babies. I would look at when you want the little ones to nap- plan their wake up so that they will be ready to nap by then, next figure out when you want bed time and wake them early enough from nap to be ready for bed by then . . . (read rest of post)
It's easiest to start at birth, but the mechanics are the same. The first thing you do is get your baby in the eat-wake-sleep habit. Don't fall into the nurse-to-sleep habit. Naps happen naturally once you get this habit down. I remember one day I had to keep my baby awake after each nursing and it was very hard, but after that the habit was set . . . (read rest of post)
I've never done MOTH when I had very young babies, and I wasn't homeschooling with newborns... but with regards to scheduling newborns with eating and sleeping, I did it with all my babies (but I was NOT super strict!) :) Regarding them going to sleep... I tried to make sure that they were put down for naps before they were nodding off . . . (read rest of post)
Just a thought... don't you think our "schedules" for our babies should be more like "emerging patterns" than "enforced timetables"? I wonder whether babies would be more willing - for want of a better word - to fit in with us if we took note of what is natural for them. Some babies cat nap, others sleep long and sound from day one . . . (read rest of post)
Tell us HOW her day starts out! You say she sleeps well at night in her bed! When does she wake in the morning? 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am? How are you running her routine right now? (When does she play, eat, observe, be by herself?). In what order does she do these things? My babies ALSO didn't start the smooth daytime routine, AND sleep through the night, UNTIL 4 mos (16-18weeks)! They were very active babies and tended to be on the fussier side vs . . . (read rest of post)
I tried to have my babies fall asleep at the same time whether I was at home or not. Either in my arms when we were away or in their beds when we were home. This made for flexible babies. They were able to fall asleep on their own or in my arms, if it was dark or if it was light. I tried not to let them get over tired even if that meant standing away from the crowds in order to get them to sleep . . . (read rest of post)
Thank you ladies for your replies! This is my fifth baby,and I am still puzzled at figuring out things!!! I am trying to schedule my baby, while still watching him for his cues, as of course his sleep needs and sometimes nursing needs may change as he grows.....I am always seeking the Lord and asking for wisdom! Since this early morning wake up and put back to bed is new for me, I just wanted some advice . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Terri, Because you are trying to undo an already established habit, you will have to expect it to take some time and effort to help your baby to change. I would suggest you do a search on MOTHBoard for threads about scheduling babies because it comes up fairly regularly and there are some good threads about steps to take to help a baby to better sleep habits . . . (read rest of post)
I'm not Teri, but I just wanted to add that it is possible your baby isn't getting a full feed. He may be getting into the habit of snacking. I agree with Teri. I also suggest you ought to watch the clock while you are feeding to see how long it takes for him to complete it. If it's taking him less than 15 minutes to finish, then it is possible he's not taking in a full feed . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Christina, I breastfeed on demand but usually by two months the babies have a pattern (like wanting to nurse around 3:30 or 4 every afternoon or waking to nurse around the same time every morning) and I "schedule" my babies based on their own patterns and schedule the rest of us around it.... for example I'd "schedule" the late afternoon feeding for 3:30 . . . (read rest of post)
I think sharing sleep with your newborn is a precious and wonderful thing. I did so with all three of my babies, but my first I still kept in the crib until he'd wake up for his midnight nursing, and then I'd take him to our bed. By our third child, we gave away the crib and he just stayed with us until we moved him to a toddler bed . . . (read rest of post)
Ok I have never scheduled any of my babies before...we just kind of went with the flow and it worked really well for our family. Now I am doing foster care though (babies exclusively) and I am seeing that it would be a real advantage to have these little ones on a schedule. My current foster babe will be returning to his family sometime this summer and I am working as hard as I can to help him be an "easy" baby . . . (read rest of post)
Diane, Now this is just my thoughts, but I think with foster babies you may have an extra concern. Are you dealing with infants that might have fetal alchohol syndrome or drug babies? These conditions would make them naturally more fussy babies which might have to be considered when dealing with the crying . . . (read rest of post)
I think I kind of do what Teri did. All of my babies have had similar schedules... well... I have had two different types out of five. DDs #1, #3 and #5 seemed to have their days/nights switched and DDs #2 and #4 seemed to be born on a schedule going right to sleep at bed time, waking up in time for breakfast. Funny thing is, those two were also the closest to their due dates (DD#2 arrived the day before and DD#4 right on her due date) . . . (read rest of post)
HI: I'm new to this forum and glad to be here! I have 4 month old twins, a 6 year old kindergartener, and a 3 year old "pre schooler". We have come through the winter months of sleepless nights with the twins and are now sleeping. I feel like I can just now get implementing some kind of regular schedule with my older children. Here's my question: During the times when I am feeding the babies- about 4 times during the daytime hours, what are some ideas for the older children? Initially, I had a "feeding time box" that they could pick a toy or activity from to do while I fed the babies . . . (read rest of post)
I never do 'blanket training.' Instead, I childproof. I put the baby on a quilt from the beginning, but I never try to get her to stay there. It's just a safe launching pad to greater adventures. I'm not sure I actually train her. I just make sure I put her there at the same time every day after waking-feeding-loving, when I know she doesn't need anything and is content . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Erin, I would suggest you go to the sample schedules in the back of MOTH and look at other children's schedules who are one year old. I think you will find some ideas there for your baby's schedule. Often for our babies, they were simply doing whatever I was doing. If I was doing school, they were playing on the floor near us. If I was folding laundry, they were playing beside me . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Mom2precious1s, Just sharing my experience, with four children, (ages 5, 4, 2, 1) and I use MOTH, and scheduled my babies evenbefore I heard of MOTH. But in my experience, yes, that 10-hour gap would affect your milk supply, possibly. Of course, there are probably moms who have not had that experience. But I really believe in scheduling babies, so I support all your efforts, same as you, but a 10-hr gap might be too much for your milk supply . . . (read rest of post)
I decided to reply, not because I know what to do, but because my thoughts might be helpful to you in spurring some ideas of your own, since you know your baby best. I would make sure I was feeding my baby well during the daytime. In general I don't plan for my babies to go longer than a 3 hr stretch during the day until they are getting a good, healthy nighttime stretch of sleep . . . (read rest of post)
I never could get my babies to stay asleep on their backs or sides, but I have a friend who was successful in swaddling hers tightly with a sheet. I think her babies got used to that and still liked to be wrapped tightly when they were older, like up to one year or more. Oh--one thought--she is Australian, so I am not absolutely sure that what she is calling a sheet is the same thing we would call a sheet, but I can ask next time I e-mail her . . . (read rest of post)
Christina, I pumped for my twins for 7 months. You can do it. It is a struggle to figure out how to get ahead of the feeding, though. I tried it many different ways. Mostly I would set my alarm on my watch so that I could wake up about 15 minutes before I thought the babies would wake up(this was at the night feedings). It didn't always work out, but the longer I pumped, the more milk I would produce and I could do it in under 15 minutes . . . (read rest of post)
Bakermom, A lot of it depends on the baby. One thing I've found is that not all babies are the same. I've had one that I was able to just put right down and she'd fall asleep with no fussing at ALL - even in the hospital! I've had others that I've had to cuddle to sleep some and then ease into putting them down drowsy but awake . . . (read rest of post)
Moira-My twins are 1 1/2 yo. I have 2 other children only, ages 4 and 7. I recall going through the thoughts that my babies weren't getting the kind of bedtime routine that my others did. It's basically survival mode, especially at night time when you need to get everyone wound down and off to bed. How early do the twins go to bed? Do they still have a late night feeding? We often just put our twins to bed with a bottle and a quick song and that is it, because keeping them on the same eat/wake/sleep cycle was crucial for our schedule to work . . . (read rest of post)
Remember, please, as you respond, MOTHBoard is for scheduling support. We offer scheduling help for Mom and children even if the family chooses not to schedule the baby. Since MOTHBoard goals is to offer scheduling ideas and direction that means this discussion would go down the lines of how a schedule works for a baby and how to overcome the difficulites this mom has struggled with in scheduling her babies . . . (read rest of post)
Well, one thing I would think about is, is it possible she is going through a growth spurt and just needs more milk? I remember my babies would suddenly want to nurse during the night when they previously were sleeping like rocks. It would last maybe a week and then they were back to sleeping through the night again. I kept all my babies in bed with me . . . (read rest of post)
My feeling is that if she is not feeding well at 2 1/2 hours then she is probably not truly hungry and perhaps might need comfort in some other way. I would try to linger her for a little longer as long as there is no true signs of hunger. Always feed a baby that is desperate to eat, and never feel bad. My feeling with little babies is that WE need to be as predictable as possible, babies are NOT predictable, but they seem to have more peace when there is a schedule/routine in effect . . . (read rest of post)
The babies were very small when they were born, but I had carried them for 39 weeks. The midwife said to treat them as though they were preemie, which meant waking them no more than every two hours for food, holding them a lot to keep them from crying (wastes calories), and keep them bundled and warm. We may be half-way there with the babies, meaning one of them did much better . . . (read rest of post)
I have experienced some of the things you have mentioned. My oldest wasn't sleeping through the night when we brought number 2 home from the hospital. But your key is to get those babies on a sleep schedule. You will feel some days like they are making NO progress! But dont give up on it! They need you to help them learn how to function, thus setting patterns for their toddler years . . . (read rest of post)
While I schooled during naps (past tense, because I no longer have toddlers or babies napping) I certainly do NOT think it is a bad habit to have the 2 yo. with you during school... so long as she is not allowed to get into disruptive habits. :) During our school day we all sit at a table together and the younger ones (4, almost 5) are allowed to color . . . (read rest of post)
I've only had four, but each has been different in their required amount of food, sleeping and activity. My advice would be to pray and ask the Lord what your little sweetheart needs at this time in her life. Is it more stimulation? Perhaps your other children can help and you can schedule them in to help you. Some babies just thrive on all that extra fun! Is it a more rigid schedule that you can ease her on to? Some babies succeed very well with a really tight schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I can relate to the noise and the dc not being able to concentrate! I had one in tears yesterday because he couldn't do his work. Part of me thinks he needs to learn this skill, and part of me thinks I should accommodate him. Right now I'm keeping them with me all the time for re-training purposes, so I've got the same issues as you do. About a month ago I did things a little differently, and for the most part it worked well . . . (read rest of post)
I've got 4 children 8 and under, plus 2 infant twins. I'm having trouble with the flow of morning chore time and breakfast. Right now I'm doing something like: 7:30-8 Room chores and personal grooming (I must help them if I want it done correctly and in a timely manner) 8-8:30 Breakfast (getting it made by 8 when I've been helping them in their rooms is pretty hard) 8:30-9 Morning chore time and breakfast clean-up (They've all got set morning chores, but I'm finding that I need to supervise them, plus I need to clean up the kitchen and deal with babies) 9-Start of school Add to this the needs of my babies-bottle feeding and dressing takes about 45-60 minutes, which is hard to fit around the above . . . (read rest of post)
If I understand correctly... you're currently feeding the twins at 8 while everyone else is eating breakfast. But prior to this you're getting the other 4 ready for the day while you're also dressing the twins. (I've had infant twins with 3 young toddlers... so I know how consuming this is) What I would ask is... what is being prepared for breakfast, and is there a way to make it easier for several months? (something like baked oatmeal can be prepared the night before and popped in the oven for half an hour!) Can you keep the twins in their pajamas until after they wake from their 9am nap? Can you make sure the olders have their morning chores (the ones AFTER breakfast) arranged so they are doing chores WITH you in the kitchen . . . (read rest of post)
I just read an article about educational DVDs for babies from BabyCenter. Research has shown that babies who spend a lot of time watching them are behind in their vocab compared to babies who watch little or none. And this is coming from secular research! We watch things every once in a while (rarely more than once a month), and it's almost always a video tape or DVD . . . (read rest of post)
I have two children, a five year old and a seven month old. My first only cat-napped for the first eight months, so I can relate to your situation. Since then, I've read extensively on babies and sleep. Your description fits that described in the books to a tee. It is cyclical in nature. Because your son is not napping well, he's not sleeping well at night . . . (read rest of post)
I just wanted to mention what I know about reflux and scheduling. One of my boys had reflux as well as 2 kids of a friend of mine. I noticed 2 different scheduling issues between these 3 babies. 2 of the babies found that eating (nursing or bottle) caused them a lot of pain. Therefore they both avoided eating (even if it meant they'd starve) . . . (read rest of post)
DO you have her following EATING 1st, then Waketime, then Napping? This was the ONLY way I could get my kiddos to do well at night. I did not receive babies who did well AT NIGHT, on their own! (Though I know of some mommies who did - hee/hee!) I had NO KNOWLEDGE of MOTH at the time my kiddos were babies. But, boy do I wish I had!! Because I think keeping them occuppied during Waketime with MOTH ideas would have CUT DOWN on Fussiness . . . (read rest of post)
Welcome Anne-Laure, I replied on your very first post and I never suspected that English is not your mother-tongue. :) I agree that the benefits of a schedule are enormous, as we are accountable to our Saviour for what we do with all we're given. You will be blessed by MOTH I'm sure! When all my babies were born I was already keen on the idea of a schedule for my babies, but it had never occurred to me that I should schedule MY time as well . . . (read rest of post)
Teri, Let me start by saying how much I appreciate the compassion and tenderness you show when scheduling your babies. I was always dead against scheduling babies because of the rigidity I always sensed by those who recommended scheduling infants. I first read the section in MOTH on scheduling babies when my daughter was a week old, and it was the first time I had a positive reaction to the whole idea of scheduling a baby . . . (read rest of post)
Although my husband and I have never scheduled a crib time for our babies, we would like to add this to our school schedule this year. I am looking for toy ideas for crib time for my 1 year old. He is #7 and none of my babies have really played with toys. He likes everything but toys - kitchen gadgets, the telephone, items that he really shouldn't have, etc . . . (read rest of post)
Thanks for all the great advice. Already the twins seem to be merging back on the same nap schedule. We are also using a crib time and that does help. During our table work time, the babies usually walk around the diningroom and try to climb the empty chairs. They are so excited about being mobil that they don't want to do much else . . . (read rest of post)
My babies usually signal a schedule change need by refusing to nurse upon waking, having trouble falling asleep, waking early (yet cheerful) from naps, having trouble sleeping at night, etc. I can't really put an age on it because every baby is sooooooooooooo different. Usually the changes for my babies have been in the length of time between naps . . . (read rest of post)
Hi there. This whole scheduling thing has really tugged at my heart. My boys are 30 mo. and 2 mo. so we're not on a strict "schedule" because everyday is different with the park one morning, Grandma's one afternoon, a Mom's Day Out for the oldest one day per week, etc. But I decided to start the scheduling because I simply wasn't getting the important things done everyday, only the urgent or things that made the most noise . . . (read rest of post)
I just wanted to comment quickly about tummy sleeping. I didn't even think about it when I posted, but, we had all our babies sleep on their tummies. When they slept on their backs, they startled awake after a short time. When I spoke to our pediatrician, he told me that tummy sleeping increases the incidence of SIDS by less than 1% (in an already very small occurrence) . . . (read rest of post)
No, mine don't. In fact if I do have to make a trip out for some reason my older ones will quite often ask if they can stay home. They always seem to have little projects going and want to finish them and if we are not going to be on schedule they see it as extra time for their projects. This past week I had one such incident. I had forgotten a field trip that two of my dc had really wanted to go on, I got a call from a friend who had something come up and wanted to know if her ds could go with us-ooops! This field trip was during the babies nap time and my oldest did not want to go, he was working on something else, my four year old did not want to go he was playing a game so they stayed home we did this field trip that did not take as long as I had feared and we were home at the time I wake up the babies so they never knew we were gone . . . (read rest of post)
and not scheduling babies. What does this look like? Just plan a schedule for older ones and let the baby cruise with mom? Kirsten, I think you've mentioned not scheduling babies before, what do you do? Thanks. Jami . . . (read rest of post)
Well, while I don't schedule STRICTLY (as in holding off babies until it's "time" to eat), I personally do like to have some sort of basic routine to my baby's day. So I try to follow a feed/wake/sleep or feed/wake/feed/sleep cycle. For the non-babies I'll have them doing something during feedings that might be able to be adjusted somewhat if baby wakes early from a nap and needs to eat or something like that . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Heather, Each of my babies that I scheduled (5 out of 8) had their own custom-made schedule based on their sleeping and nursing needs. I would work with them from about three weeks of age on to move them to a three hour nursing schedule if they weren't there yet. That simply meant occuping them in a different manner than nursing if they were fussy between two and three hours . . . (read rest of post)
The trouble with not scheduling a baby and having a baby continue to wake in the night, often every two hours, sometimes for several years is that Mom never gets a good enough sleep. When Mom doesn't, she is always tired and is very vulnerable to getting sick. I don't know about you, but I also have a terrible time with being cranky and thinking clearly if I don't get a decent night sleep . . . (read rest of post)
Getting a baby onto a (somewhat) predictable routine doesn't necessarily mean that there will be lots of crying. Maybe, but I wouldn't let that be the reason why you don't do it. :-) I'd try to figure out WHY he is waking up so often at night? If you think it's teeth, possibly try some Motrin or Tylenol. If you think it's hunger, see if he is nursing enough during the day . . . (read rest of post)
Instead of nursing your baby to sleep, try R&R, 'Ritual and Routine.' Do everything, more or less, the same way at the same time, every single day and night. This is a method of communication between you and your baby. Baby knows what to expect and it's easier for you to interpret what he needs and what he's trying to say. When he wakes in the night or when you put him to bed, instead of nursing him to sleep go through a little ritual . . . (read rest of post)
I'm a retired nanny and babies were my speciality. Scheduling a baby when the parents do not schedule is almost impossible and is certainly ill-advised, especially if you have other children who require your attention and care. After a while, a baby can get used to the differences in care, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Some babies will adapt to responding to one caregiver one way and responding to another caregiver another way . . . (read rest of post)
I began MOTH scheduling last year when I had a 3 yo and an infant and it was so helpful. I wish I had known about it when I had my first. I am expecting another baby this summer and am looking forward to using many of the ideas from the book about babies. I think the book is worth it for the chapter on babies alone . . . (read rest of post)
Like Dawnita we've been having babies every 18 months or so... so I also rearrange a lot.... so much so I've scheduled when to rearrange, LOL. I usually re-evaluate monthly until a baby is 6 months old... then I do it again at 8 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months and age 2. ;o) But next to babies I find my schedule needs to at least change with the seasons . . . (read rest of post)
I was great with setting up a schedule for myself and a school schedule for my older dc, but things always went a rye!!!! Moth helped me out by covering such topics as scheduling all my dc, so that my dear little ones were not left to aimlessly wander and get into mischief while we did school. It gives tips for what might work in so many areas, laundry, kitchen, school, babies etc . . . (read rest of post)
I've been a scheduler "always", but nothing ever seemed to stick with us. I found this web sight and bought MOTH on a whim, just because I love books, but this has been such a blessing for me! I found out, first of all, that I was basically scheduling things all wrong. First, I must put Christ first. I do that through my Bible study each morning and self-study, insight, prayer each evening . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Heather, First off, this is all based on my personal experience... I wouldn't say I scehduled my babies, as such...I followed a routine - eat, play, sleep and aimed for a three hour rotation. At the end of the three hours I woke my little guys and fed them. I often had to strip them down and do some baby massages before they were awake enough to eat . . . (read rest of post)
Right Heather! I also found that the scheduling goes much smoother if you start out with the youngest and then fit the others around the baby's schedule. I really liked the schedules in the back of MOTH that Teri had for Mary. I found that sooooo helpful! My own family are unschedulers, so I had no schedule background and one of the first things I found was that it was okay for my babies to sleep more . . . (read rest of post)
How old are your older dc? Some of the things that have worked for us are: Have an older dc watch baby, a blanket on the floor with a few toys ( if you have toddlers keep an eye on things) a bouncy seat on the table ( we have school in the kitchen- if you use desks you could have it on the floor next to you), put baby in a sling or baby holder part of the time, sit on the couch while you nurse for reading lessons,and play time for baby ( Teri talks about this on page 35 . . . (read rest of post)
"How soon do you place them on a schedule?" As soon as baby has figured out how to eat well and is gaining adequate weight I work towards a simple routine: sleep/eat/awake time. This routine slowly breaks apart into a predictable schedule. By three months my babies are quite predictable. Of course we do have our off days, and I simply adapt . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Heather, From what you have described, I believe you are doing great! Three weeks after a baby’s arrival your expectations on housework and baby’s schedule need to be very low. For me, by three weeks life was just beginning to have a bit of a semblance of normalcy but nothing near what life without the baby was like. By six weeks, we were getting all the basics going . . . (read rest of post)
I haven't posted in a really long time, but some might remember that I found MOTH right after my second miscarriage in a row, back in 2000. MOTH was a lifesaver for me and my family, and I've been using it ever since. Since I had been completely against the idea of scheduling a baby, it took a lot for me to work through that and some lovely ladies on the MOTH Board helped me understand the idea . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Christina: My twins are five now and I remember so well how hard those early months were. You are at one of the hardest times right now. It is kind of like the transition stage of labor. You are exhausted from all of the hours you already spent laboring and contracting, and just when you think you can't go anymore, the pain gets worse. Yikes!! You are at that hard stage right now . . . (read rest of post)
Oh Rebecca! I know what you are talking about! I just wanted to add some more thoughts I had after reading your response... Scheduling babies and young children doesn't "sit well" with some people. It is sad that the topic has divided and caused struggles between christians and even churches. Have you read "The Fruit of Her Hands" by Nancy Wilson? She has a chapter called "Principles and Methods" and it was SOOOO helpful to me in getting the issue of scheduling into proper perspective . . . (read rest of post)
I just reread my MOTH section on scheduling babies. I have a 2 month old and I have never scheduled the way the book describes. I have always been a nurse on demand mother, until the baby is well over 6 months old. I also have always had babies that didn't sleep through the night until well past that age as well. Anyway, I am really ready to give this scheduling thing a go with my newborn . . . (read rest of post)
I don't know how to handle the play time crying since that's something my babies learn from birth and of course, with foster babies, you don't have that opportunity to "ease" them into a schedule like that. With night time crying I do go and check on them... I let them cry for 5 minutes, go in and tuck them in and talk cheerfully to them . . . (read rest of post)
In the hospital they seem to keep all the babies on a schedule from day 1, even the premies. My pediatricians always told me that with a newborn, as long as she is nursing every 2 hours, and pooping and peeing normally, leaving her alone won't hurt her. I used to keep my second baby with me all the time in a sling. He couldn't stand to be left alone as a newborn either . . . (read rest of post)
In the Managers of Their Homes chapter on scheduling babies, I talk about how we work with our babies to help them get on a schedule starting from the time my milk comes in. Perhaps rereading that section (pages 28 - 29) would help. Trusting in Jesus, Teri Maxwell . . . (read rest of post)
I just got my copy of MOTH and it's exciting! I have read (and own) nearly every organization book there is out there and yet this has many great ideas I'd never heard or read about before. I had never even thought about putting a baby on a schedule to meet the baby's needs and the family's needs! I do put my babies on a schedule, but it was always dictated by the baby before . . . (read rest of post)
First of all, congratulations on the new baby! With all three of my babies, I kept them in the bassinet next to my bed for about 2 weeks. I moved them to their own room after that because they were noisy sleepers and I am a light sleeper. I wasn't getting much sleep. I had my babies on a 3 hour eating schedule during the day, so they only woke up once or twice during the night . . . (read rest of post)
I am a very light sleeper and babies sleep so noisily!!!! I put my babies in their room as soon as my milk comes in. Usually this is about one day after I come home from the hosipital. . . . (read rest of post)
We also have kept our babies in bed with us until at least a year. Our little girls(now 9 and 10) slept with us until they were 4 or so, but I had had a tubal ligation, and there were no new babies, since our reversal, our son is 14 months. He started sleeping in the pack and play about 6 weeks ago(he is 14 months old) in our room . . . (read rest of post)
I have found with all our babies, that they simply weren't ready for scheduling until they were close to 3 months old. So, I didn't even bother trying. But, with each one, it seemed that by three months (usually a little before), we were in a very nice pattern. They were all sleeping thru the night by this point and eating consistently . . . (read rest of post)
Mrs. Maxwell, I use to have MOTH but lent it out and didn't get it back, so I can't refer to what you may have written regarding this. I know that you had your babies on a specific routine for bedime. I have a couple questions if you don't mind answering them for me. 1) How did you get your babies to go back to sleep in the morning? Did you ever have one that would not go back to sleep after thier early morning nursing? 2) How did you know that baby was ready to drop night nursings? Do I schedule them in until a certian age for this or just let baby wake me up in the middle of the night . . . (read rest of post)
We're schooling in the afternoons and into the evening here this year. I have a 6yo 1st grader and 2 that are 2 and under. It was actually dh's idea. We do most of the housework and play times in the mornings. When the babies go down for afternoon naps, my 6yodd helps me get things ready for supper, we have our rest time, and then we start school . . . (read rest of post)
When you said your baby had always been easy and a good sleeper, that reminded me of a couple of things I have found with my dc -- I have had people who know our dc tell me that I do not know what "fussy" is because ours are all so easy. LOL I noticed that there were certain times when our expecially complacent babies would get a little fussy or not sleep well: 1) when they were about to accomplish some new milestone, like crawling, walking or talking in sentences . . . (read rest of post)
Angie, My babies were in a transition at that age from 3 naps down to two. Generally their schedule would be something like: 7:00 wake, 9:30-11:30 nap, 2:00-4:00 nap, 6:30-7:00 catnap (in the process of dropping this nap), 9:00 bedtime. No babies here right now, but this is what we did. Usually by 9 months they took only two naps and stuck with that schedule until between 15-18m . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Ladies, I am so glad to hear that you are all excited about scheduling and endeavoring to bring order to your homes and families. CanadianMom: One thing I really appreciated after reading the Maxwell's section on scheduling babies was their flexibility and the respect they show to mothers who choose to demand feed. I think the Maxwell's approach from what I have read in MOTH is one that is loving and yet allows for order . . . (read rest of post)
yes, that sounds like a very good idea if it is a regular thing:) I am actually trying to cut out some of the extras with older dc now. We did have a one time a week homeschool group we used to attend. On that day we made sure chores were done first-even if it meant getting our day started a bit earlier that morning- I got dinner going in my crockpot- then we went when we got home it was babies' nap times so we put them down and the children had a free afternoon while mom recooped . . . (read rest of post)
I've only made it through chapter 5. Chapters 3 and 4 gave me quite a bit to think about for the children; I have had trouble keeping up with making sure that they all were doing as scheduled due to character weakness in consistency (in me) and habits of diligence (in all of us). There was a big gap between what I wanted on paper and what I could keep up with supervising here at home . . . (read rest of post)
We also fold each load as it comes out of the dryer, and my children help me with it in the family room. The 5 and 6 yos can honestly fold towels as well as I do, and they are getting better at the other stuff. Now, we don't put them up right away since my room and the laundry room is downstairs and the kids' rooms are upstairs and I am constantly trying to limit how many times I climb the stairs . . . (read rest of post)
Thank you so much Paula:-) I was really feeling that we all would benefit from him having his own schedule, but was afraid that would sound reaaalllllly silly, LOL! I am very interested in the "playpen" this what I have heard referred to as an x-pen? Unfortunately we don't have a fenced in yard, and aren't allowed to do that here anyway. We do take the little guy on at least two walks each day, sometimes three, but it is almost impossible to tire him out! no surprise:-P The girls will sometimes do what we call "up and down" where one of them will sit at the top of the stairs and the other will sit at the bottom and they will call the dog back and forth between them . . . (read rest of post)
Also... I don't think sewing is a selfish pursuit... I love to sew, so I sometimes feel guilty doing it too... but then I realize I'm sewing something for one of my children or something to make the house more "home-like" when DH comes home from work, or sewing baby quilts for ladies at church... and sewing is actually a ministry. I have strived to make the softest, coziest baby quilts out of cotton flannel and cotton batting . . . (read rest of post)
Mrs. Maxwell, I have a question or two and if you have time to answer I'd appreciate it, whenever's convenient for you. Our youngest will be three months old on the 20th. We had her sleeping through the night in her second week of life but when we went for her two week checkup she was still not up to birth weight. Bethany weighed 10# 3oz. when born . . . (read rest of post)
Hello ladies; I'm sad to report a terrible week(2/7)for my schedule. I have 5 month old twin babies and they have decided to not sleep well at night, nor sleep until 6 am. I have been getting up at 5 am every day, but so have my babies! So, I'm exhausted and discouraged. But I'm going to keep trying. I think my morning routine is best done between the first feeding and the time my older girls get up . . . (read rest of post)
Well, I'm back to trying to get our schedule going again. We always seem to make it and then I'm just not disciplined enough to keep it going. :( But we have a new baby now and I really need to have a schedule again! I usually don't believe in schedules. We were feeing on demand and sleeping late, etc. But it just won't work with homeschooling . . . (read rest of post)
Hi there! I'm a mom of 4. Out of my 4, 2 were more difficult to schedule and my last baby was impossible. Dh and I joked that he was allergic to sleep (by the way, he's 19 months now and has been fabulous for the last 4). What I would suggest is to chuck the schedule for a couple of days and journal your baby's day. When did he wake up? When did he show signs of tiredness? When was he hungry? If you do this for 2 or 3 days, you make start to see his own patterns emmerging . . . (read rest of post)
Babies/Kids adjust very quickly. I have taken my babies, toddlers and later teens tot heir grandparents in Europe many times, where they had to adjust to a 7 hour time change. It's crucial that you try to make the change on the first day, when they're exhausted from traveling and off schedule anyways. If you want a child to go to sleep at a certain time and they are still wide awake because it's not their bedtime yet, I always give a regular dose of Benadryl (my doctor told me to) and this helps them to fall asleep easier . . . (read rest of post)
Dear mythreeboys, The schedule you see for Mary does not include solids. We don't start our babies on solids until they are eight or nine months old and then it is a minimal with a gradual adding of solids as the babies are interested. Trusting in Jesus, Teri Maxwell . . . (read rest of post)
Hello everyone! I would have to say I was faithfully up and finishing everything 3 days this week. I have made some adjustments and am now splitting up my morning routine in 2 time slots. My babies are early risers and so after they go back down I allow myself another 1/2 hr of time to finish what I haven't in the first 1/2 hr. It seems to be working for me . . . (read rest of post)
I encourage you not to be hard on yourself. It is tempting to blame ourselves when we have those low times. Guilt has a way of finding us no matter what our mothering style. It does sound, however, like you are unhappy. I encourage you not to blame yourself or your baby, but to envision your goals for this baby. My own goals are that my children learn to sleep independently and that they feel secure in their own beds . . . (read rest of post)
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