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We have found the best thing to use for scheduled family Bible time and scheduled preschool Bible time is – the Bible! When our older children were young, we were told, and accepted what we heard, that preschoolers couldn’t understand the Bible. Others said that preschoolers needed easy-to-understand materials like picture Bibles or books that had one verse and then a story connected with the verse . . . (read rest of post)
Hello Ladies, Here are my answers to your towel time questions. Let me begin by saying that we are not currently using towel time because my school aged dc are 5,7,9 and my baby is 10mo! This is how I used to do it, and plan to do it again when the baby is a toddler/preschooler! Set-up. I ask an older child to spread out 4 beach towels on the den floor . . . (read rest of post)
As for white noise, you can buy a white noise machine at Walmart for about $30. Currently we're using a radio station set to static for our white noise. I have it fairly loud during nap and at bed time. When I go to bed I turn it down, not off so that my am noise is covered yet it doesn't bother my sleep. As for napping at the same time: When I have a baby that is the one who rules the schedule . . . (read rest of post)
When I nannied for my gf her mil came by once a week and took the preschoolers to the library hour at the city library. This was the preschoolers special time with grandma while the older ones did school. It so happened that preschool hour was on a Thursday morning. Wednesday night the older children went to church and spent the night w/ their grandparents and grandma brought them home in the morning in time to start school and take the preschoolers to their library time . . . (read rest of post)
1. water play (put them at the sink (on a stool) and let them "wash dishes". 2. use a medicine dropper to transfer water from one small plastic bowl to another 3. Use clothespins to transfer cotton balls from one small plastic bowl to another 4. dried beans (these can be bought inexpensively from the grocery store). Give them a large plastic bowl or box to put them in and plastic measuring cups and spoons 5 . . . (read rest of post)
I have a 5th and a 4th grader and then an almost 5 year old and an almost 3 year old. I have worked with my older two that they can move through their lessons semi-independently through out the morning with me moving in and out of their lessons. My husband teaches Science to the older ones twice a week from 6:30 to 7:15 a.m. I teach history 3 times per week in the afternoons during nap time . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Sydney, When we have a big event that isn’t a part of our daily schedule, I either drop part of my schedule to accommodate it or drop all but the basics of the schedule (waketimes, meals, chores, and bedtimes). In the case of a birthday or birthdays close together, I would, for that week, cut out some of the “extras” in my schedule such as reading outloud, computer time, and project time . . . (read rest of post)
We have a 2nd grader (7yos) and a 4th grader (9yod) (as well as a preschooler 3yod) this year. Last year (and we are doing it again this year) we combined the two older ones for Science, Health and History using the in between grade. So this year I am using 3rd grade Science, History and Health. They enjoy doing it together and it saves me so much time . . . (read rest of post)
Jumping in here with a binder idea. We use binders for all school work so we had 6 kids with 3 binders each, then the 2 preschoolers. I bought each of the older kids a set of 3 of the same colored binders. Side note: My preschoolers each got a 1 inch binder in a totally different style so we could easily tell them apart . . . (read rest of post)
We have a 4th grader (9yod), 2nd grader (7yos) and preschooler (3yod). I have a meeting with one while the other plays with 3yo, then switch. Then they have time to do their seatwork while I work with preschooler on her school work (I am doing Rod and Staff ABC Preschool Series with her). During the meeting I do whatever teaching of lessons needed for the day with that child and listen to them read . . . (read rest of post)
In a earlier post I said I was going to try schooling in the afternoon a real cool idea from a friend.NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! That was a nightmare for us.My six year old and I would push school until the end of the day before dad got home and rush and gripe through it.Also my 2 preschoolers (2yr old,3yr old) Were missing their nap trying to do preschool(They hated school)making me stressed out dad stressed out,too . . . (read rest of post)
Shelly, I'm sorry that I never saw your question! We do a classical curriculum - the Well Trained Mind for language arts, history, and science. We use Sonlight and Veritas Press for independent reading and read alouds. We use Calvert and Developmental Math, and Zaner Bloser for handwriting. My preschoolers and kindergarteners use Sonlight books, Common Sense Press Math for Kindergarteners, Jolly Phonics, and activities from My Father's World . . . (read rest of post)
Sometimes my schedule is too much for me to handle. I've learned to rotate subjects throughout the week. This way everything gets done regularly and with less stress than when I'm trying to do a schedule that is too hard. For example, when I was making this year's school schedule I found that school was going until 2:30 and I wanted to be done by 11:30 . . . (read rest of post)
Welcome Vicki, Here is what I did when I had preschoolers.......something I called Towel Time. In our den I would put 4 beach towels on the floor. On one towel was always books, on the other 3, I had about 40 activities I would rotate, things like puzzles, lacing beads, little animals, stickers, etc. My preschoolers were trained to keep the activities on the towel, and could go from towel to towel as they pleased . . . (read rest of post)
For me, here is the difference: tabletime is when I sit with the child and instruct him or help him complete his schoolwork. For a 3yo, tabletime might be simple workbook pages, glueing objects that start with a letter (toothpicks on a T, for example), or working a puzzle with him, anything that requires my help or supervision. This is our "academic" time . . . (read rest of post)
I'm not sure how Vermont homeschool law is written, but if you only have to teach certain subjects, not a minimum time in each subject, then you could always shorten your time in each subject. Everyone has to homeschool in a way that fits her family. I spend about 2 1/2 hours a day on school in first grade and your schedule seems about right to me . . . (read rest of post)
Dear mom2sweet4, I do not have experience scheduling two MFW curriculums and preschoolers. I DO have experience scheduling MFW K with a K child and younger ones. I think this might benefit. You can schedule this curriculum several different ways. 1.) block off time to work with your k child alone while the preschoolers are occupied . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Miriam99, If your schedule is up and running I am not quite certain of why your feeling overwhelmed (other than new baby hormones, which can give us that feeling.) Are you having trouble getting things down in the assigned time slots? Are you letting other things distract you from your schedule? Is it possible to use some other idea during your 1 hour office slot? During nap time or quiet time? There are some wonderful preschooler ziploc bag ideas that your preschooler could sit at a table and do while you do your office work . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Toya, I see that you have preschoolers while you are having that one "block" of time per child who gets taught who is 2nd and 4th grade. Coud you share what you have them do while you're totally engaged for that set time period with the child being taught? I have two being taught next year (1st and 2nd) and two preschoolers, age 3 and 4 . . . (read rest of post)
Still praying for everyone... we started a modified schedule this week. My 2nd grader is in a half-day art camp so started my kindergartener this week while she is gone (and the preschooler is here too). It has been really good so far. Glad I decided to start this week so I can get some issues (mostly with the preschooler) handled before I am doing all three schedules!! Today was also day two for us and my son said school went better today (unsolicited opinion here!!) . . . (read rest of post)
I just recently bought my own "personal" MOTH book. I have known about MOTH for about six years now. I have skimmed through friends copies before and have applied the principles of MOTH off and on throughout the years. I finally have purchased my own copy and am currently reading through and "studying" the book. I have about three different schedules, but they are about the same . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Shannon, We usually do school in an upstairs bedroom that we've turned into a dedicated schoolroom... while I am blessed with a large home, this still means that our dc must share sleeping quarters. (however, I don't have adequate lighting in there if it's a very overcast day... so until that's fixed we do school at the kitchen table on rainy days) I also have three official schoolers with two preschoolers who sit in on our studies with us . . . (read rest of post)
I only school 2 with a preschooler added in, but I came to the same dilemna this year. I moved everything into our (finished) basement during the Christmas break. I have a computer desk that I cleared some space on to school my kindergartner. My 2nd grader has her desk nearby and I set up a small card table for the preschooler to do activities on (which the K usually joins her in after he is finished . . . (read rest of post)
First and foremost I would encourage you to just take it one step at a time.  First concentrate on the baby and his pattern of nursing.  Meaning how often he is nursing.  My babies would nurse for longer amounts of time for the first few weeks.  They were on a 2 to 3 hr schedule and each feeding would be about 30 minutes.  So in my mind I would have to schedule EVERYTHING around the baby's feeding time . . . (read rest of post)
I use a unit study called Five in a Row which is a literature based unit study. The unit is built on a classic children's book and each day the focus is on one particular subject. My children are young (7, 5 and 2 1/2) and I currently use Five in a Row and the program geared for Preschoolers called Before Five in a Row. There is also a program for older children . . . (read rest of post)
You've received good advice! Two specific things that helped with our children, especially one who didn't like to ever be alone, were playing a tape with music or stories and using a wind-up timer. The tape seemed to help him feel like someone was "with" him. The timer was helpful with all of our children so they realized the timer, not their fussing, signaled the end of playtime alone . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Robin, Depending on your curriculum (some come with lesson plans already set up annd you just fill in the dates), you could use just about anything that's out there on the market. Since I only have one grade to teach (I have twin 3rd grade boys and a preschooler) I don't have to worry about the multiple children part. But I made up my own lesson plan template on Microsoft Excel . . . (read rest of post)
Wow! I am so glad I'm not alone or weird for being this way! My mom says I was a night owl when I was little and, as a preschooler, I didn't get up 'til 9 AM. No surprise that I was enrolled in afternoon kindergarten all those years ago. Anyway, I never did adjust to early wake-ups -- I always told my friends that my brain didn't truly function until after 10 AM . . . (read rest of post)
I am trying to schedule my almost 5 month old son. He is still getting up twice a night to nurse. This makes it very difficult to be a nice Mom to my other 4 children. We are trying to cut down on his daytime sleep so he will sleep better at night. It worked well yesterday. My question is how do you make a 5 month old take a nap? I would like for him to take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon when my preschoolers are also napping, but he wakes up after only an hour . . . (read rest of post)
This week we had two birthdays two days apart. We have been doing well on the schedule but I began to feel a bit worried and anxious of making the schedule work while trying to make b-day cakes and special meals. Mostly the time it is taking to plan and prepare for my preschooler is wearing me out. I am learning how to do away with some things but since it is new I am just getting comfortable with it . . . (read rest of post)
Wow! Your schedule is very hectic, I will pray for you as it must be very hard to be out of the house 3 days a week and still try to do all the homeschooling, housework and studying time you need to do. It sounds as if your idea with doing pace is good, I'm not real familiar with pace but it sounds like it might be something your daughter can do while you are out and about . . . (read rest of post)
LOL quiet time? Sorry but this baby was born yelling! I don't schedule my babies. Maybe that is my problem? I feel a baby can't tell time. I let the baby develope his own schedule and then we work around his schedule. But this baby doesn't nap much, he sleeps well at night and nurses about every 3 hours normally. He has always been wakeful and needy . . . (read rest of post)
Ok, I hope you ladies can give me some advice. I'm not yet homeschooling my 7yo ds, only my 4yo ds, but hope to have them both home with me after this year. *But* this weekend was excruciating... a 4 day weekend, the first day was fine and went steadily downhill after that, to absolutely horrendous today. Enough so that I am doubting homeschooling the 7 yo is such a great idea . . . (read rest of post)
Angela, Thank you for sharing the "bad attitudes" article - printed that one off!!!! Navywife, Please don't think things will get worse once you have your son home. They will get better. Our, now 10 year old, son has done a complete change since we started homeschooling this year. He's so much more pleasant to be around. And, when he's having a "bad" time, he's so much more easily convicted and apologizes without prompting . . . (read rest of post)
I was wondering what everyone does when a block of time is up. I mean, how do you signal to your family that it's time to move on to the next school subject or the next activity? Do you ring a bell? Or yell at everyone around the house? Or do you set timers for everyone? Also, I have trouble getting people to move quickly to the next activity, especially the preschoolers who might be in the middle of something . . . (read rest of post)
Several books come to mind...I've been able to get them through the library, at least through the inter-library loan. The Christian Home School by Gregg Harris (would address "the kids are in a school that isn't that bad"), The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell, Educating the Whole-Hearted Child by Sally Clarkson (has a couple of excellent charts contrasting public school & homeschool), The Homeschooling Father by Mike Farris & A Mom Just Like You by Vickie Farris . . . (read rest of post)
Give youself some slack - if you've just had a baby maybe you should stay in bed until 8 and schedule for it so you dont feel guilty. If you get up earlier then its a bonus - a headstart. My baby is 4months now. He is the first baby I have scheduled and it has been the best thing. The hardest thing was to wake up a sleeping baby. I was always taught that was a no-no . . . (read rest of post)
I just thought of another question! (I am r-e-a-ll-y picking y'all's brains!) How could "individual child time" work with teen boys? They're past the age of puzzles and board what? I don't want to neglect them but it's so easy since I also have 2 preschoolers. The youngest 2 it seems can dominate all of my time, and it's simple to entertain them with coloring, etc . . . (read rest of post)
Amy I agree that buying MOTH is an important first step into getting your home in order. It is smart to start thinking about orderliness as you begin homeschooling; that will really help you along your journey. I wish those two thoughts had come "in order" for me. I started homeschooling before I felt urgent about having an orderly home and it made homeschooling a lot harder . . . (read rest of post)
Carol, I'm not Teri or Sarah, but I thought I would share about my dds' computer time. I have a dd who will be 3 next month and we have the Jumpstart Toddler cd. It is teaching her how to control the mouse (she doesn't have to click just get the mouse to a certain spot). The activities she can choose from deal with shapes, letter, number, matching etc . . . (read rest of post)
I posted on the MOMS board but I thought I would get some wisdom on this board as well. We have the chance to be part of a homeschool CO-OP next year that would meet every other week in the mornings. I don't know if I really want to this or not. This year was my first good year with a schedule and I don't know if I can tackle this and keep up with my schedule . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Ladies, I wanted to see if anyone has a suggestion for me concerning moving my 19 month olds naptime to better suit my afternoon quite hour. She is currently taking a most-needed nap at 11:30 AM until about 1:00 p.m. I would like to see her go down for her nap at about 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. so I can have my preschooler to his quite time in his room and this gives me a break for refreshment . . . (read rest of post)
Hi. I'm new to this board. I've had the book for several years but have never actually gone through with implementing it. I'm one of those "free spirits" and somewhat of an relaxed homeschooler (Ok, very relaxed!) so I've been reluctant to do it. But lately I'm feeling more overwhelmed and feel I'm accomplishing less and less. Even the fun "unschoolish" things i want to do with the kids don't get done often . . . (read rest of post)
We have had wonderful success with KONOS. This is a unit study based program with character-building focus. There are activities for highschoolers and preschoolers a the same time. Less planning, kids learn together and lots of wonderful memories as well! KONOS has you covered on language arts, history, geography, vocabulary, science, social studies, health, music, art . . . (read rest of post)
Congratulations! You will be so glad you are bringing your children home! I enjoy homeschooling our children and could never imagine sending them off to school again. I am working on my new school schedule for this year too. I am adding a preschooler to my schedule along with our 2nd grader and 4th grader. I am so excited about the new school year . . . (read rest of post)
I, too struggle with how to schedule. My husband works nights, and is home Mon. and Fri. Last year, we only did school on mon. aft. and Fri. Am ( when he was sleeping or working somewhere else) His schedule is different this year so I'm not sure what to do. I know last year we had to skip some "extras" to get the basics done. I would welcome any suggestions . . . (read rest of post)
Angel, One thing that we have done that was helpful for getting all those math lessons in was to have math with me 2-3 times a week instead of every day. I have 7 children that need me for math(the older two are doing videotext algebra) and I have 2 of them doing 6 grade math, 2 doing 3rd grade math, 1 doing 1st grade math, one K math and then a preschooler that just desperately wants to do math . . . (read rest of post)
I assume you are working with the preschoolers from 8:30 to 9:00 while the older children are finishing their chores. Then, I would tutor the 7 year old first since she will do less of her work independently. Remember to introduce the work and teach new concepts. Then have her scheduled to finish it after your one-on-one session . . . (read rest of post)
No tips, but congratulations! There are other threads about preschoolers/2&3yo's for activity ideas, but I don't have any specific tips for your situation. I'm sure you will enjoy your new blessings! Chrissy . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Everyone, I bought the book about 6 months ago, and started reading it, but then I became intimidated, and stopped. We will be starting our second year of homeschooling in just a couple of weeks, and this year I have a preschooler as well as a first grader. I can really, really see the need to get myself organized and to implement this schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I went through the writing program last Spring with a group of home-schooling moms. This fall we will teach it to our children. The videos move fast and the teacher on the tape said not to teach at the speed of the videos. Kind of like Math-U-See as far as pace. A very good program! Worth the effort. QUESTION about the schedule: I don't see all the children . . . (read rest of post)
Allison, Being sick & having a toddler--take it easy on yourself! This is where a schedule has helped me. Having some boundaries & structure make things fairly manageable. Do your best & rest as much as possible. On curriculum, I also like Before Five in a Row. You can certainly just read aloud, talk to him & play with him! Another website to try is http://www . . . (read rest of post)
HI MommyB, I just posted "it works!" on the MOTH board. You might want to read that for encouragement. I, too, have been an "all-or-nothing" girl. It is the perfectionist in me. The Lord has reminded me time and time again that only He is perfect and so I cannot just do nothing because things aren't how *I* want them. (ouch) This has been a big struggle in my life for a long time . . . (read rest of post)
Page 74 in MOTH, there is a paragraph about illness and the schedule. Here is a link to an earlier thread on this topic: Basically, we use our schedule to give us direction on what we can let go of during sickness and what can keep going. For me, I generally end up with extra time for nursing duties because the sick child isn't doing school . . . (read rest of post)
I have a similar situation, only my dh does not usually nap, he goes to bed at 5:30 - 6:00. Also, he only works 4 days a week, so other nights are different. The switch back and forth is confusing to us and I have a hard time sticking with a schedule. I made our schedule so that we would go to bed very early, but there has to be quiet for a few hours . . . (read rest of post)
I was considering doing all my daily cleaning by 11 a.m But while I clean have the kids do their freetime instead of the afternoon.Then at 11-11:30 have lunch then after lunch Do school for the afternoon. Set aside noon-4 as school time.So how would I schedule naps for my preschoolers? They are 2and3.Or would it be better for my children to learn to get up in the morning like say 8a . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Erika, I can't speak for anyone else but for my children (ages 8, 6 year old twins, and 4) having free time FIRST is a set up for disaster. They get so set in their free time that they are more rebellious and unwilling to focus. But perhaps lunch is a good anchor for children and helps them to refocus? One of my twins is special needs and I need to do her one on one times immediately after breakfast and immediately after lunch/clean-up . . . (read rest of post)
HelpingHand, I remember reading that you had your second baby this year when your first was just shy of two. I will be in the same situation. Sarah will be 22mo when the second blessing arrives. I plan on moving her into a toddler bed a few weeks before baby is due. For the first three or so months, I would like to just get used to our new family and nursing (Due to some difficulties, my nursing with Sarah was unsuccessful) and try to set up some sort of schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I am interested in knowing what type of curriculum you all use and how you schedule it. We have used unit studies in the past but have not had much success with scheduling them. I have been very inspired by Terri's textbook approach. I am just curious what others do and how they do it. Please "briefly" include your family size, type of curriculum, how you schedule and maybe why it works for you . . . (read rest of post)
Does the 2 year old have a crib to sleep in? If so, I would simply explain to her that she is to play with her brother and get out some toys she enjoys. I would also say that if she screams, she will have to stay alone in her crib. Then I would follow through. With my preschoolers, I tried to find activities that would fill the time slots . . . (read rest of post)
I have similar problems with my preschoolers. They will say they just don't want to play with playdough today. Then I spend 20 minutes trying to talk them into playing with playdough, which just wastes time. I don't think it would help to have them come and sit quietly by me because wouldn't be that quiet, which is why I got out the playdough in the first place!!! I guess the main problem is that I don't want them to resent the rest of us "doing school . . . (read rest of post)
Teri, I'm wondering how you manage the one-on-one teaching times that you have on your schedule? Your current schedule reads 'school with ___'. How do you encourage the other children to stay on task, and what do they do when they are finished? I am schooling 4 (Gr 7, 6, 3, and 1) with a preschooler and baby around as well . . . (read rest of post)
During our one-on-one school time, we sit on the living room couch. The living room is then off limits for anyone making noise or talking. The children are required to sit at the dining room table to do their "seatwork" on their own. If they have been diligent and responsible, we will let them go to their bedroom to do their "seatwork." They are kept on task by the accountability of the schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I have a 6th grader, a 4th grader, a 1st grader (ADHD), a preschooler, and 3 under 3. I have been trying to focus on the older 2 children working on their schoolwork during the little ones' nap time, that way they get some peace and quiet. The 1st grader is who I sit with the most during that time, but he doesn't 'sit' for long. How much time would you schedule for each child in order for them to get their schoolwork done and not be left with extra time to "waste"? *And while I'm here, . . . (read rest of post)
That is such a HARD time of day. Those 2 hours can seem like a week of their own and facing them everyday is overwhelming!!! It has gotten better for me, but I had to seek the Lord! You mentioned that the new girls do have a nap and I think I understood that your older girls have a quiet time as well. One thing that helped me was to make sure I used that time to refuel myself . . . (read rest of post)
Check out Michael Olaf's Montessori catalog as well as Montessori Services. I set up Montessori shelves especially for my toddlers and preschoolers so that they can be actively engaged in our schoolroom. I also set up Montessori shelves with materials relating to my older children's work for them to work with when they've finished their book/seat work or when I am ill so that they can always do school . . . (read rest of post)
I found a guideline online that gives the recommended or average amount of sleep that babies-preschoolers need. Again this is just an average and some children need more than this and some require less. For 6mths of age the guidelines says - 11hr nighttime sleep; 3 1/4 hr for daytime (that is divided in 2 naps) for a total of 14 1/4 hrs of sleep . . . (read rest of post)
I am new to this board and really need some help. I have a skeleton schedule in place having read the book a couple of years ago, but I am finding I cannot get time for myself (to organize, exercise, make phone calls, work on a schedule, much less do something fun for myself like sew or read, etc.) Having so many little ones is so demanding with nursing, training needed for toddler and preschooler and school for older ones . . . (read rest of post)
Sorry to the ladies that have been following me in this! I should have posted earlier this week - it's just been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS - sick (and therefore clingy & whiny) ds, cranky dd, irritable wife & dh. Oh well, glad that's over with. I'm still keeping a daily 7/7 quiet time. Honestly, I think that's the longest I've ever gone this consistently . . . (read rest of post)
Here is a link to a post with a list of table time activity ideas: I am sorry--I re-read the age comment and realized it could have been taken either way! I meant that those toys are recommended for ages 4 & up. The have small pieces, in some cases very small pieces. He might do well with them and enjoy them or he could get frustrated trying to deal with small parts . . . (read rest of post)
I have worked on this problem in our home as well. I have found that starting off with less subjects during the first week of school helps my children with their independence. This year I have scheduled double the amount of time for our basics and will not be adding science, history, etc... in until next week. I use the extra time to go back and forth between them and to encourage them in reading, following directions, and doing step by step work . . . (read rest of post)
This is the way it works in our home. Preschool takes 15-30 minutes of my time. We do phonics sounds and math games. The rest of the school morning our preschoolers use the materials from our Montessori shelves, color, do puzzles, or play downstairs. In Kindergarten we do math (beginning with 1st grade math) and learn to read (various resources) . . . (read rest of post)
Hi~ I am new and trying to put my schedule together. My problem is I have a 6th grade dd who has ADHD and takes a long time with certain subjects and also gives me a hard time with doing school. How do I even begin to schedule her? I never have any idea of how long it will take her to do a subject. I also have a 2nd grade ds and preschooler, who don't have this problem . . . (read rest of post)
VTMom, Thank You so much for locating the list :0) September, If there is anything else on Your Sheet You DO At TOWELTIME on Your Schedule I would TRULY appreciate any other ideas From The BOTTOM Of My Heart!!!!! I also wanted to ask a couple of Other Questions. You indicated that Your K (5 yo) Now does these same activities at The Schoolroom Table . . . (read rest of post)
September, Do you have time to explain a few of your towel time activities? A few words about these would be helpful to me: 19. buttons - what does your child do with buttons? 31. stickers and shapes - ? 36. glue and straws - how is the glue provided for independent use? 37. cutting box - is this scissors and scrap paper? 38. gluing box - is this paper and glue? 40 . . . (read rest of post)
rosesrblue333, Can you explain to me HOW you Schedule preschool...a bit. You mentioned Crafttime. Does this fall UNER PREschool slot or under a different slot titled Crafttime or Tabletime. Also, what TYPE of "Educational" DVDs do you have scheduled? Is this in it's own slot, such as Videotime just before Naps or is this also related to Preschool Slot? Just wanting to get an idea of another Preschooler's Schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I have to tell you how towel time worked out for us. My preschooler is four. We tried setting out the towels in the living room. She looked really ecxited about the new activities and books, and toys that we hadn't had out in a while, but she only stayed in there for about 20 minutes. Then we tried setting out the towels on the kitchen floor by the table where we do school . . . (read rest of post)
God bless you! I would just like to add something, too. You sound very stressed and that is very understandable considering the fact that your husband is gone so much and your children are young and have many needs. Don't get down on yourself because you feel like things are out of hand. You have a difficult situation and it would be difficult for anyone to manage . . . (read rest of post)
Thank you for the wonderful ideas of things to schedule for preschoolers (yes, I want to omit tv watching). Since they aren't old enough to "formally" teach, I had wondered how to fill/schedule their time, and what activities would be good for them/interesting for them (again, omitting tv). I think I got some great ideas and I appreciate your time answering . . . (read rest of post)
Thanks for all your replies, they have been helpful. Now I'm wondering if you're willing to be a bit more specific. What are you studying in the Bible and what do you recommend for doing with preschoolers. I have since tried to do what is in MOTH, and please correct me if I'm wrong, Teri, but as I understand it, 10 min of reading the Bible, 10 of writing a verse as a prayer (includes application?) and 10 min on memorization . . . (read rest of post)
Dwadling is always a problem at my house, even with preschoolers. One tool we use is the timer. I have one of those large, noisy egg timers. You could assign the passage and set the timer for the half hour, 45 min, or whatever is right. Of course, if it interfered with the quality of work, that wouldn't work! But at my house it is sometimes fun to "beat the clock" Just an idea. . . . (read rest of post)
VT Mom, These are such great ideas! I have a 3 year old and would love to start doing this with him. I was wondering what you have your preschooler do with some of these? 1. Plastic buttons and ice cube tray 2. beads 3. Writing tray 4. Rice bin 5. clothes pin and cotton balls Thank you so much for your time! . . . (read rest of post)
Towel time is simply spreading out 3-4 large (beach) towels on your floor and putting one activity on each one for the child to play with. The towel makes it fun and different, and you train them to keep the activity on the towel. I let my preschoolers do this during school time. They are allowed to roam from towel to towel, but must keep each activity on its towel . . . (read rest of post)
I have preschoolers at my house and we are just beginning to schedule. Our afternoons (from about noon to 3 or 4) are always pick-up/wind down & rest times seven days a week. However we do have activities outside the home, like Gymnastics and OT therapy, but they occur in late mornings, around 10am or 11am. We always return home for lunch/naps . . . (read rest of post)
OH JoyUnquenched, Thank you for your response. It has been such a blessing. DH/I are just a bit stressed over all of this and just want to start off on the right foot as we head back into more structured days. And definitely more ability to MANAGE Our Home (this temporary living situation isn't so much tight quarters, as much as we are living on top of a home that is already FULL, with White Carpet/Floors, and very HIGH expectations that NOTHING be hurt) . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Julie, Here is a link to a recent thread we had about how to schedule to avoid using the TV - I think you would find some helpful ideas if you read through this thread. I would also suggest you look through the sample schedules in the back of the MOTH book for ideas on how to schedule the two year old and also you school-age son . . . (read rest of post)
My son plays for an hour in his room, cleans up, has a snack, and then has table time for 30-45 minutes, cleans up, then has another play time in the family room for 30-45 minutes, cleans up, has some preschool time, and by then it is time for lunch. After lunch he looks at books for 30 minutes and then still has a nap/rest time. Having said that, I fit in some "Mommy time", and his table time and 2nd play time are in places where I can interact with him . . . (read rest of post)
When our children were young, we used family Bible time as an opportunity to teach the children to sit quietly, which then allowed us to keep them with us in church. Either Steve or I (sometimes both) would have a baby, toddler, or preschooler on our laps or right beside us. If the child became noisy or disruptive, we would put a finger over the child's mouth and say, "Sh, Sh . . . (read rest of post)
Thank you for your suggestions, Teri. I am definitely going to work harder at training them to sit quietly and still, not only for the preschooler, but also the older ones. I hear so many people saying that some kids, due to their learning style, have to be doing something with their hands. While that may be true in some cases, I think I've used that as an excuse too much for my kids . . . (read rest of post)
Need advice from anyone using the My Father's World curriculum on scheduling it. We will be using MFW Adventures (2nd/3rd grade) and MFW Kindergarten. Also I have a 4yo & 2yo to throw into the equation. Anyone have experience scheduling two MFW's curriculums and preschoolers???? . . . (read rest of post)
I am not sure how to schedule or if it is even possible with all we have to do. But that is why I think we need it. We had a house fire the end of March and a living in a rental and having to move at the end of the month. It had been the end of next month but they sped up the timetable which is good but I am frantic with all that has to be done. 4 of my children just finished public school yesterday, I have a home schooled highschooler and 2 preschoolers and the 4 children will not be going back to public school in the fall, we will homeschool them all . . . (read rest of post)
Kim, I'm VERY interested in your thread regarding First Time Obedience and The Schedule. Would you mind to give some specific items on how this works with the help of A Schedule?????? I was also thinking of your comments on Training BEFORE making changes on the schedule. (We've had to do this in relationship to Crib-to-Bed and Playpen-to-Roomtime) . . . (read rest of post)
Patrizia - Walks absolutely count - even together! I sometimes take my preschooler for a short slow walk from our house to the next street -that is only 2 houses away! Can you try to take only one of the younger ones at a time when you run to a store, the post office, etc.? Even the ride in the car singing and talking is fun for them . . . (read rest of post)
Playdough! Playdough! Playdough! I have talked with many friends who have banned playdough from their homes due to the mess, but I think that it is a vital part of a child's fine motor skill development and creativity. My kids would spend HOURS with playdough if I let them. I also do paper plate crafts. I give them safety scissors, glue, glitter - if I feel brave that day - and paper to cut . . . (read rest of post)
It has been awhile for me since I have been here! I was wondering if anyone remembered a post a long time ago with a list of guidelines for an older sibling during their scheduled time with a toddler/preschooler? It was just a list of things to do, to teach, and behaviors to remember during this time. If anyone can give me some ideas I would be grateful! Thanks! Jessica . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Kelley, We are in similar seasons: I have a third grader, one on first/second grade level, a preschooler, and an infant! Also like you, I tend to stress a little when off-schedule. However, one key to remember is that the schedule is a tool, a help for us, but not meant to master or lord over us. I dare say that few moms are able to follow their schedule block by block every day of every week . . . (read rest of post)
Mary is in 3rd grade. Here is what we do during my hour time slot with her. 1. Dictate spelling words. 2. Read English lesson and let her try several in each section of the book for that lesson to make sure she knows what to do. 3. Math a. Multiplication flash cards b. Read math lesson c. Do problems together that were introduced in that lesson . . . (read rest of post)
Can you appeal to your husband and ask if he minds if you pare back on preschool, or take a break completely until you get first time obedience? If your preschooler will not obey you, you cannot really teach him anything. If you tell him to sit and listen to a book and he will not, then he will not learn, or if you tell him to do a worksheet and he runs off, he cannot learn . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Alysia, Mine are dd6yo, ds5yo, dd3yo, ds2yo and *yes* things go sloooooowly here, too. That is truly how it is. And the two years when my now-ds2yo was born were not always easy. I use ABeka with math and phonics only for my ds5yo. Math is about 10-15min. at the most. Phonics is about 20. That is all he does "officially." I let the rest be enjoyable for him, science and art (arts&crafts daily around here) and history from reading and filling in coloring books/workbook pages . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Steph, Yes, school with John on the schedule means I am having my one-on-one meeting with that him. Here are links to some threads where I have given more detail on those meeting. See if they answer your questions. In addition to the chapter on chores in MOTH, on page 97, I share how we personally schedule our chores . . . (read rest of post)
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