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I think it is fantastic that your son loves animals/farming and wants to spend time helping his dad. What a wonderful "apprenticeship" he is having! He may grow up to follow in his father's footsteps and their relationship will definitely grow from all this time spent together. I have horses and love animals and long for my own "farmette" one day so my kids can be "farm-kids"! Obviously God has put this passion in your son and I would nurture it as much as possible . . . (read rest of post)
I did a certain type of rotation with great success for several years... though now that my children are a bit older I'm trying to move onto a different kind of rotation. Anyhow, what worked when I had all young ones was to keep about 4 large plastic bins with a variety of toys in each bin. In each bin I would have toys that appealed to each of my dc and each bin would have a sort of theme, but my goal was that in each bin there was only one 'messy' toy . . . (read rest of post)
I have 2 sons ages 5 and 2 and we live on a small farm. The daily chores take about an hour each morning and evening-milking a cow, feeding calves, cleaning, etc. I do the morning chores before my dh leaves for work. The boys get up around 6:30-6:45, just as I am finishing. Dh leaves for work around 7. The boys come with me for the afternoon chores, each with a bit to do (after all animals are in their pens) . . . (read rest of post)
We just have a couple of horses, chickens and the dogs. My 12yo ds is going to be doing about 30min of early morning chores which will include feeding and watering all the animals. We also have a 30min period in the afternoon where both boys (14yo and 12yo) train the dogs and just hang out with the animals. We are hoping to get more animals before winter (goats and sheep) and my 12yo will likely end up with the brunt of those chores as well . . . (read rest of post)
My husband is a grain farmer, the kids and I really don't help with that end of it....there's really not anything we could do. He counts on me to keep the household running. We do have a few animals, goats, pony, sheep and chickens. Oh yes, and rabbits. My boys have chore time for these animals scheduled, in the morning, and again late afternoon . . . (read rest of post)
Hi! I too am new to this board and also scheduling. It has been so wonderful for our family!! I am amazed at how few problems there are to deal with when everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing, who they're doing it with and when! Anyway, my 8yo during her time with my 3 yo plays "SPCA" with stuffed animals. They set up the animals and use a baby gate(cage) and diaper boxes(crates) and then name the animals, give them bowls to "eat" from, pretend to find them homes etc . . . (read rest of post)
Here is my list from a couple of years ago. I have additional activities also, I will post them as time permits. In January, after we move, I hope to update my list. TOWEL TIME ACTIVITIES 1. plastic buttons 2. soft beads 3. cowboys 4. 8-10 piece puzzles 5. car felt book 6. water dropper 7. sponge, water, bowls 8. school bus ABC 9. Lincoln logs 10 . . . (read rest of post)
I'm having a terrible time implementing my schedule and can't keep up with all I have to do. I have 5 at home 4-19. We moved about a year ago from CA to our "farmette" in VA. We've had horses for 25+ years and have added chickens, goats, etc. I feel like I'm drowning. I don't know if I should give up some of the animals or some other activities, nor how to decide . . . (read rest of post)
Hi, We do a cribtime with our 18 month old for an hour and she does just fine. I make sure the atmosphere is different. During nap and bedtime she has her blankie and stuffed animals and I always rock her and sing for awhile. We always talk about going nigh nigh. For playtime we take the blankie and animals out and replace them with toys (all the noisy ones!) and tell her it's play time . . . (read rest of post)
Hello ladies, it has, once again, been a while since I was able to post, however this time, I come with wonderful news! I have just recently quit my part time job here on the farm, tomorrow will be my LAST day!!! In this new period of our lives, I want to get us on a schedule! I previously had a schedule but couldn't stick to it because of being called out of the house to run and do something here on the farm for the boss or my hubby who is the manager . . . (read rest of post)
Here are some ideas: A large plastic container & dried beans or rice to use as an indoor "sandbox". My children scoop, pour, measure, drive cars in it, bury things, etc. Games--red light, green light; mother may I; simon (or Mommy!) says; hide something & play "hot or cold"; anything where they have to "freeze"--act out animals and occasionally say, "Freeze!", etc . . . (read rest of post)
mom2RandJ, That is a really good idea! Sarah already has the baby Little Tykes Kitchen, so maybe I can use that and add some play food or something. I was also going to search thrift stores this spring for dress up clothes to put in a small trunk anyway. Her stuffed animals and dolls could be right there, too! Thanks for your idea . . . (read rest of post)
Heidi~I'm new to this board (just got the reg. I've been reading previous posts...)but I also have a 2yob (is there such a thing as an NON-ACTIVE 2yo? :) and he loves the designated toy thing. We have several; little legos, big legos, cars & car rug, marble race thing where you build a track for the marbles, beanie baby animals, big brothers plastic animals, a sesame street/little people house thing . . . (read rest of post)
Mamazilla, Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have not had much computer time lately. Unfortunately, we are just doing the bare bones, schedule-wise (meals, chores, minimum school) while we are in the last 4-6 weeks of building our new home. I am looking forward to a full time schedule beginning the last week of Dec.!! Towel time activities . . . (read rest of post)
Sorry it took a while to get back to you. Yes, we have church practice and training time every day. Regarding church pratice: The way we do it is that the children need to sit still and quiet. I don’t allow toys. (Note: in real church meetings that are long, I do sometimes allow books. Since they are not used to this, it occupies them really well!) I started off setting a timer for five minutes . . . (read rest of post)
Oh, when they can "do it by themselves" then we work on something else. I mean, sometimes we don't need the whole half hour to train, so I can either pick another thing to train on, or I can read a book or something to fill in the extra time. Or if we're behind on the schedule, it gives us a chance to catch up. Training Time will always involve me . . . (read rest of post)
I did a search and found your list. I hope it is ok that I cut and pasted it here for everyone: "......towel time activities. I think I posted my ideas on this forum a couple of years ago. I will search the archives.... puzzles ( I sort these into separate categories...wooden, easy, abc, etc.) water, bowl, dropper and extra towel (move water from one bowl to the other using the dropper) cotton balls, clothespin, 2 bowls (move cotton balls from one bowl to the other using the clothespin) rice box with small cups, spoons dried bean box with small cups, spoons cowboys and Indians figures farm animals jungle animals dinosaurs matchbox cars woodkins paper dolls pattern blocks wooden beads soft Lauri beads Lauri fit-a-shape other various Lauri activities toothpick art chalk on black paper stickers and paper I have about 40 activities in all . . . (read rest of post)
"WHAT ACTIVITIES OR CRAFTS OR HOBBIES DO YOU FILL YOUR DAY UP WITH?" Ha! I wish we could...actually we have a hobby farm and the animals take up at least 1 hour a day, sometimes more. Besides that I have 6dc, and the oldest is 10. Congratulations on getting the important things done so early in the day! You're better at this than I am, for sure . . . (read rest of post)
sewing, scrapbooking, stamping, embroirdery, cross stitching, plastic canvas, knitting, baking, cooking, animals, reading, writing, correspondance, drawing, painting, wood burning, wood carving, music practice, animal training (if you have animals), small engine repairs, vehicle maintenance, bird watching.... Have them brainstorm and think of ideas . . . (read rest of post)
Sorry that I have not responded to your ideas recently, we were gone all last week and I was not able to access the MOTHBoard. Anyway, here is the list of things I have for the kids. I have all of their "toys" put in containers in a closet right now. We have puzzles, matchbox cars, large plastic trucks/cars, stuffed animals, various size blocks, square blocks (with alphabet/pictures), shape sorter, animals, my little ponies, dress-up, story reader (my children can't read - too young), coloring books, magna doodle, mega-blocks, balls, tools, mr . . . (read rest of post)
Here is my current list of activities for my 28modd. Hope you can get some ideas. Leah’s Preschool Activities Fingerpaint Color wonder Puzzles • 4 piece • Wooden • 9 piece • Lauri • ABC, # • Dress the bear • Lauri familiar things • Preschool • ABC floor • Discovery toy farm School bus Clifford bone cards Go together cards Wooden . . . (read rest of post)
Hello ladies~ I am looking for any wisdom that you dear ladies could offer. I am trying to establish a consistent summer schedule and looking towards our fall schedule, but I am having difficulty scheduling our 9yods. He looked so forward to the summer and being able to spend a lot of time with his dad on the farm. I think it is great that he can spend this time with dh and that my dh enjoys their time together also . . . (read rest of post)
This is the first year we are going to have scheduled toys for our 2yods and 5 yodd. I am not sure how I want to do this yet - maybe you ladies could give me some advice. Here is what I have so far: Building Blocks (large legos), Wooden blocks,Farm/zoo animals, Little People & play sets, Wooden doll house people, Mr. Potato Head, Cars & Trucks, Horses & barn etc . . . (read rest of post)
We have 3yo twin dds and 18 mo twin dss. I have crafttime separate from the toytime you describe which includes Playdoh, stamping, painting, etc. but their crayons are also available most of the time at a coloring/snack table we have in the kitchen. Toys: We have multicolored square mats, and I stuck two red, two blue, two green, and two yellow ones together so my 3yos each have 30 minute blocks of red, blue, yellow and green mat time each day, and I'm in the process of training the boys to have red/blue mat time (I don't put toys with little pieces on the red/blue mats) . . . (read rest of post)
Thanks Stacyz! I should have been a little more clear about what I was saying/asking. We do put him in bed and do our nightly routine of prayers and songs at 8:30p. He is allowed to read him books and talk quietly to himself and animals, this usually last for no more than 30minutes before he is out cold sleeping. He has no problem sticking to going to bed at this time but has a problem with waking to early . . . (read rest of post)
I'm a big fan of Duplos! Duplos, wooden blocks and toy animals are a favorite combination with my children who are close in ages to yours. They build zoos and buldings for the animals. It seems to give them enough together time but also lets them work alone a bit. Clean up is easy with sorting things in different containers. mary . . . (read rest of post)
Betty Lukens (company) makes WONDERFUL felts. There are different sets with books that you have to cut out and assemble yourself, including Bible stories, animals and other teaching topics. These are available to order through Christian bookstores, or, I'm assuming, online. I think a lot of the ladies are referring to their own felt-shapes and animals, etc, though . . . (read rest of post)
What are you doing while your 5 yo is doing his school? Even with my oldest dc (8 and 9) I still stay at the table with them while they do their schoolwork. I've always done this, so they are not really in the habit of dilly-dallying about their work... since I am able to keep them on task, and they only have to wait for help or questions if I am already helping another child . . . (read rest of post)
Some random thoughts: Some toys can fall in to multiple categories/or be combined -- blocks and legos can become roads (for cars), houses for animals and people, etc. Dinosaurs could fall in to the bigger category of "ANIMALS". I see fire truck under big cars -- it could go with the emergency set. You could try grouping things into weeks (week 1, 2, 3, 4) or by days of the week (M, T, W ,Th, F) -- I would think trying to come up with 20-30 (one for each day) themes might be a little overwhelming (but that's me) . . . (read rest of post)
Here is September's list from 04, I think. puzzles ( I sort these into separate categories...wooden, easy, abc, etc.) water, bowl, dropper and extra towel (move water from one bowl to the other using the dropper) cotton balls, clothespin, 2 bowls (move cotton balls from one bowl to the other using the clothespin) rice box with small cups, spoons dried bean box with small cups, spoons cowboys and Indians figures farm animals jungle animals dinosaurs matchbox cars woodkins paper dolls pattern blocks wooden beads soft Lauri beads Lauri fit-a-shape other various Lauri activities toothpick art chalk on black paper stickers and paper I looked for her long list that at one point I had printed and posted on my fridge . . . (read rest of post)
I actually have a better, more up to date list, but it is on another computer. I will post from it tomorrow. The other list has page numbers that refer to 2 of my favorite preschool books. Enjoy! Fingerpaint Color wonder Puzzles • 4 piece • Wooden • 9 piece • Lauri • ABC, # • Dress the bear • Lauri familiar things • Preschool • ABC . . . (read rest of post)
Hi In their bedroom they have a bin of cuddly toys and a smallish box of generic, age specific toys, but without too many 'bit's' (if you have a lot of children, can be helpful to have different coloured boxes and to either put a sticker or mark with same coloured pen on the toy, so it can easily be returned to right person/box!) We have toys in various sized storage boxes such as Trains (big!), cars, people, animals, marble run etc . . . (read rest of post)
Kassabella, Thanks for your response. We did use the method you described, so thank you. A little update: We're all moved in, still unpacking though. We have animals to care for, schooling to do, and a much larger home to care for. It seems everything has changed about our daily lives. I'm overwhelmed with how to get it all together . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Becky, We moved to the country last year and have been adjusting to similar scheduling challenges with 7 chidren ages 2 1/2 up to 15.  Our children are completely new to animals as is my hubby so I had to come up with a way that the animals were attended to, children could learn the repetitive needs of their care without missing something, and we could still function in our family schedule . . . (read rest of post)
No, mine don't. In fact if I do have to make a trip out for some reason my older ones will quite often ask if they can stay home. They always seem to have little projects going and want to finish them and if we are not going to be on schedule they see it as extra time for their projects. This past week I had one such incident. I had forgotten a field trip that two of my dc had really wanted to go on, I got a call from a friend who had something come up and wanted to know if her ds could go with us-ooops! This field trip was during the babies nap time and my oldest did not want to go, he was working on something else, my four year old did not want to go he was playing a game so they stayed home we did this field trip that did not take as long as I had feared and we were home at the time I wake up the babies so they never knew we were gone . . . (read rest of post)
LindaKay, Boy! You sound so much like me. This is so much like what I posted a few months ago. I'm also expecting (2-03) with a 1yog, 2 1/2yob, and 11 & 9 1/2 yo girls that we're homeschooling. I had to go back and simplify my schedule some, then I had to back off on my expectations, and now I'm cracking down on being more consistent in the discipline/character training . . . (read rest of post)
I have run into a problem with my oldest daughter. For the last couple of months all she wants to do is fuss and it does not matter with who she fusses with. I tell her what I want done (like cleaning her room, school work or feeding animals) she will back talk me, then she tryes to blame me for making her uncombatle(sp). I have come the end of my rope and don't know what to do any more . . . (read rest of post)
We homeschool our children but our school schedule is just as if we were in school all day. The difference is we don't take time to get to school. I heard someone on here say they do morning chores before breakfast. I have learned that the basic gooming, making beds and tidying up the room after dressing is all we need at that hour. After breakfast we pick up our dishes and tidy the kitchen . . . (read rest of post)
I saw one just the other day, but now I can't seem to remember where. It was a long playing mobile with a remote, and you could choose Brahams, Beethoven or Mozart. The Mobile itself was very interesting to look at - much bigger and more elaborate than the basic "4 stuffed animals on strings" type. It was very colorful and had objects hanging from objects, etc . . . (read rest of post)
I have 4 boys - my oldest just turned 10 and my next in line is 8 1/2. My 10 year old has just started to show a lot of interest in baking. Well, maybe that's not true. He's always been interested in it, I just haven't always had the time. Well, after reading a book by another homeschool mom and seeing what her 8 year old daughter was capable of accomplishing in the kitchen, I decided to allow my 10 year old to "go for it" He was thrilled that I trusted him (after some instruction) to bake up something sweet for the family . . . (read rest of post)
Puzzles and more puzzles! Alphabet, Numbers, animals, bugs, shapes, United States, etc. Our youngest (now 2½yod) started with puzzles before she turned one and loves them and has learned a lot from them. We like the wooden puzzles (We have gotten most of ours from Target) as they are more sturdy and last much longer. God bless, Jill . . . (read rest of post)
May I very humbly suggest that, if your DH will allow you to, get rid of alot of your stuff. I got rid of four garbage bags of toys and it was so FREEING. Now the kids have a few basic sturdy toys and we are having a ball. It was like before, there was so much they didn't want to play with anything. The same can be done with clothes. Whittle down to a couple dressy outfits and then just have basic playclothes and a couple pair of shoes . . . (read rest of post)
I separated my boys' toys by category, I guess you'd call it. They love tractors, so they have a group of large ones to push. Then a tub of small ones with the farm animals and trailers. They have push lawnmowers & vacuums, a group of musical instruments, a couple of electronic alphabet game/computer "thingies", blocks, etc. I let them play with blocks and a dump truck first thing a . . . (read rest of post)
Ellen, You didn't say how long you've been using this schedule. Is she still adjusting to the consistency of it? I think I would discipline her for not obeying in what she is supposed to be doing rather than for "interrupting" school. If she is supposed to be playing in the family room with a dollhouse and is repeatedly coming into the kitchen where you are doing school, the discipline would be for not staying within the boundary you set . . . (read rest of post)
LOL quiet time? Sorry but this baby was born yelling! I don't schedule my babies. Maybe that is my problem? I feel a baby can't tell time. I let the baby develope his own schedule and then we work around his schedule. But this baby doesn't nap much, he sleeps well at night and nurses about every 3 hours normally. He has always been wakeful and needy . . . (read rest of post)
Hi everyone! I'm a sah, hs, farmsteading mom of (going to be) 5 dc's, now. All are aged 15ds, 8ds, 4dd, 1dd, and due in June!My dh is a truck driver, so there is the first scheduling challenge (not really a big deal). I've always been a schedule-a-holic, and my old friend wouldn't even lend MOTH years ago, because she knew what I'd do to my family with it . . . (read rest of post)
I have a suggestion for you. Our children didn't handle all their free time scheduled very well so I came up with a different idea. We made a productive free time list and when it is free time they refer to this list. We all sat down and brainstormed for ideas of things they could do during free time. They were not allowed ANY computer or videos until we had broken the habit of boredom . . . (read rest of post)
Here are some ideas & approximate times I would allot: Mom reading aloud (30m) Look at/read books alone (30m) Puzzles (15-30m) Crafts/Play-doh (30m--maybe more for clean-up) Room time alone (a 6yo can have longer than 30 minutes--my 2.5yo plays for at least 45 minutes) (60m) Computer time (15-30m) Outside play time (30-60m) Board games (be the 3yo's partner)(30m) Table time (30m) (list of possible activites at the bottom) Help Mommy in the kitchen Play time together (30m 2x per day) School Chores Meals :-) Devotions--Bible story, music, memory verses, prayer (15m) Do you have your schedule written down? It helps me to see what blocks of time need to be filled in . . . (read rest of post)
I have a three year old and here are some things she likes: Outside -- swings, slide, tricycle, wagons, sandbox with shovels, balls, play garden tools (Target has some just for kids) Inside -- (playing house) broom, pans, dishes, household utensils, toy telephones, dolls & stuffed animals, play laundry equipment, table & chairs, doll furniture . . . (read rest of post)
Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles! Alphabet, numbers, shapes/colors, animals, vehicles, etc. Stacking blocks. Our 3yo started learning her alphabet around 18 months and had it down with sounds by 20 months (she was hearing her brother learning it as he was doing K-5 at the time), seeing it posted on several walls in our home (the dining room where we do school, son's bedroom so he could study at other times) . . . (read rest of post)
Becca, Congratulations on being able to focus on your dear family!! I can share what we do with our animal chores and hopefully somebody else can share the other two items you posted about! We have pets and farm animals and each child has a specific animal chore to do. This just works out for us because certain children have their own pets or like to do certain animal chores more than others . . . (read rest of post)
Can't help you with the animals! *LOL* We school on a year round schedule doing all subject during that time. I usually start out with math and reading the first week or so of a new year and add in the rest...this past year at the end one of my son's was down to just science and history (those get put aside often for appointments, interuptiions, etc . . . (read rest of post)
Those charts from Doorposts look really great. I like the one where your actions have consequences. That would sure make punishment pretty straight forward, and it would help me be consistent. To get my 4 y.o. to do any "cleaning" I can only give her very small tasks at a time. ie.pick up only the stuffed animals. Then once that task is fininshed then I can ask her to do the something else . . . (read rest of post)
I have only one dd who is 17 months. I started doing preschool activities with her this summer. I do counting (we are working on 1-3), vocabulary cards (an idea I got from the boards) I cut out pictures of food, animals, etc. and glued them to index cards and wrote the name of the item on the front of the card. I have alphabet flash cards (we are working on a-c) . . . (read rest of post)
Well my 4yo is a girl, but this is what we are trying for. For wake up it is cleaning up her bed-time toys (stuffed animals and books), getting dressed, putting blanket neatly on end of bed. For breakfast, lunch and dinner it is setting table (with me getting dishes down, and normaly this really doesn't apply with breakfast since it is only her and me and we usually eat off paper towels) . . . (read rest of post)
Snow, Do you do most of the farm chores or does hubby do them? We have over 100 animals here that need care daily. My hubby handles most of the outdoor stuff, like passing out the hay and watering, but I do it if it needs to be done while he is working. What I have done is scheduled a time in the morning while my children are doing their schoolwork to walk the grounds and make sure there are no injuries, noone is out of feed, the waterers are all ok and filled, and basically every one of those critters is accounted for . . . (read rest of post)
My kids have a rest time of at least 1 hour. At first they fought me on it, claiming they were to old. I figured out how much sleep they needed and gave them one hour less at night so that they would sleep/rest better for their 1 hour rest time. My son age 4 usually takes a nap if I lay down with him for 1/2 hour. My daughter age 5 plays quietly with stuffed animals or looks at books . . . (read rest of post)
Thanks for your idea. Now, why couldn't I think of that :-) As for the 4year old's checklist, it's not too long, she just likes to take her time in getting dressed and getting her stuffed animals onto her bed. Warmly, Lorann . . . (read rest of post)
We have an early basket (as in I got done early What can I do now?) It contains fun yet educational things for them. It has varied over the years. Right now it has a dry erase board with letters preprinted on it for handwriting practice (Walmart less than $5), pattern blocks, counting bears, fun but wholesome books like the "Millers" stories, a book by Ed Emberley about drawing, and a Bible story coloring book . . . (read rest of post)
The children do go outside everyday in almost all weather( we have animals in the barn to feed) but I found myself sometimes not going out for a few days, since they areolder and handling it themselves. So I make it a personal goal to go outside for about 10- 15 minutes.Even if it isn't sunny, I feel better getting the fresh air. I have also been cracking my sliding glass door for 10 minutes mid morning if it warms up that day . . . (read rest of post)
This is a great idea, I've done something similar. I use TIC TACS descreetly at church, children knew they were gonna get one if they were sitting quietly. also had a nice picture book with Jesus and his apostles and animals his micracles and such. THe only time they looked at this book was at church. People were amazed at how my girls behaved . . . (read rest of post)
We're "ecclectic" classical, which basically means I do my own thing but follow the methodology. We only have 3, a 6yog, 2yob, and 1yob. I have phonics and math instruction while the boys sleep, seatwork before and after dinner while the boys have table time, and read-alouds, crafts, etc in the evenings as a family. I like the structure and theory of classical ed, and I like not being tied down to a textbook unless we need to be for whatever subject . . . (read rest of post)
Diane, I'm not sure what an x-pen is.... the playpen is just a portable pen, about 3'x3' that can easily be set up or folded down flat. Makes room for a little play time, but isn't permanent or difficult to transport (we used ours when camping). If you can't use some sort of fenced area, a couple of walks on the leash daily in addition to other potty times should be sufficient . . . (read rest of post)
:0) what a sweet testamony to how they watch you too... looks like you are doing a GREAT job raising them to be keepers of their future homes and to take care of their animals!!! Well done and thank-you so much for the little boost I needed to get on with re-writting my schedule now my dh's days have changed!! Wendy . . . (read rest of post)
OK, we are only a "hobby farm" so this may not be truly helpful for you, but here 'tis. We have one horse (soon to be 2), one goat (due to birth more tomorrow), one sheep, 8 chickens, and one dog, personal vegetable garden, grape vines, few fruit trees. We have 6dc, ages 10y to 3m. Haven't got the newbie on a good schedule yet, but before he was born, this worked well . . . (read rest of post)
Julie, What we have found challenging when moving between 2 residences is the small things...always feeling like you are packing up toothbrushes, clothes, laundry detergent, school supplies, music/videos, special animals, diapers, medicines, computer, etc. If you are able to duplicate enough items or don't mind packing and unpacking more items, it may be worth it . . . (read rest of post)
Right now we are trying to finish up our school year then we will begin with the gardening. We have planted a few pototoes and onions.Our schedule is very flexible during the gardening time and right now we don't have any animals, other than our dogs and they get schracps(SP) We are getting chickens this June so I will add that to my schedule also we need to clean the pens out . . . (read rest of post)
Oh, the play stuff... ever notice that kids have more fun playing with an empty egg carton than they do the $20 toy? I started of thinking of my toys as reusable/disposable. I got the idea when I saw that Walmart had reusable/disposable sippy cups. I love that idea and decided to think of my clutter that way... I get most of my toys cheaply from garage sales or the dollar store . . . (read rest of post)
Thanks so much for your replies. They all helped. I think I need to accept the fact we are going to have to add outside chores to the inside chores. I need to quit trying to protect my kids from too much work and avoid trying to do it all myself. I'll just tell them how blessed they are to be able to run and play free and have all these fun little animals to play with . . . (read rest of post)
Hi there! :0) My name is Lesley (some of you may "know" me from the MOMs board). I receive MOTH a few weeks ago, and we are implamenting our summer schedule. I must tell you that we started out sooo... great, but the past week has not been as great. :0( I am not too discouraged though and plan on implementing the schedule again. Let me tell you a little about our family, my dh and I have been married for 16 years and we have 4 wonderful dc . . . (read rest of post)
Julie, I posted a list in my youngest ds's room as a guide. Not toy ideas, but this helped his siblings a lot. TIME WITH JONATHAN 1. KEEP HIM SAFE! 2. Read books. Point to and name as many objects as he has patience for. Read the same books over & over. Babies learn by repeating things. 3. Point out and name objects in his room. Name everything you can . . . (read rest of post)
I have finally got myself out of the once a week mentality, Before DC that was all that was needed. But when your live in your home and homeschool, its a never ending process. There are things that are included in my morning routine and the girls morning routine that keep things up. They are, I swish toilet bowls and grab a load of laundry to put in . . . (read rest of post)
My 2 year old likes puzzles. When I need to get stuff done in the kitchen I can set her up with a puzzle, or two or three and she just loves putting them together. I usually put music on for her. Our kids have some favorite bible song cd's and classical music cd's. We have a variety of puzzles, from really nice wood ones with shapes and animals to the really inexpensive cardboard ones you buy from the dollar store . . . (read rest of post)
Anybody have any good ideas for Playing Activities for 8 year old Girl when she has playing alone time or room time? (NOT with sibling) She has outgrown playing with dolls, fisher price doll house, stuffed animals, the little tikes kitchen etc. She does few Barbies really doesn't know HOW to play with them (she has trouble projecting herself into TOYS) . . . (read rest of post)
My eight year old daughter has room time every day as well. Sometimes she has school to finish or corrections from her morning work, so that comes first. We do a lot of reading in our homeschool, so she always has history or fun books to read for independent reading time. Often, she will read. Some days she plays with playmobil or her Kirsten doll . . . (read rest of post)
Welcome Vicki, Here is what I did when I had preschoolers.......something I called Towel Time. In our den I would put 4 beach towels on the floor. On one towel was always books, on the other 3, I had about 40 activities I would rotate, things like puzzles, lacing beads, little animals, stickers, etc. My preschoolers were trained to keep the activities on the towel, and could go from towel to towel as they pleased . . . (read rest of post)
It my seem odd that I am responding to a thread, when I have my own question under a thread regarding "naps". I am trying to "flip" naps around in the schedule and so my question is not with a child struggling to take a nap. So........I think "fiveunderfive" has given excellent advice with the MEALS. I would add to that a specific "Waking Up" time consistently each day . . . (read rest of post)
My girls are 10 and 11, when we took them out of public school 2 years ago, we slowly went about incorporating chores, as they only had make your bed and feed animals before. We were subtle, not calling them chores and working with them. I would say hey, could you give me a hand with this?( laundry folding or vacuuming ) and thank them so much . . . (read rest of post)
Yes Barbara, That Helped Immensely :0) I just wanted to CLARIFY (1) Thing. I didn't think about using "Training Time" on "Our Schedule" to Teach Interrupting. What a Wonderful Idea. (We are currently trying to put together a plan of attack for this VERY SLOT on The Schedule...Training Time. We've had it on The Schedule, but didn't have any plan for it . . . (read rest of post)
biwmwn2, To answer your question about what products we use to fill the schedule at various times: We like the simple Sing Scripture tapes by the Morrissey kids; these are hs kids that recorded scripture songs when they were little tykes. I think toddlers especially tune in to their young voices. It is VERY SIMPLE--not high tech--but my kids have learned so many verses by listening to them . . . (read rest of post)
1 . plastic buttons and ice cube tray 2. beads 3. Light bright 4. Puzzles 5. Geo board 6. bears 7. knex 8.pattern blocks 9. Lincoln logs 10. Felt board 11. Sequence puzzle 12. File folder games 13. magna doodle 14. magnetic letters 15. Linking cubes 16. lacing animals 17. wooden blocks 18. books on tape 19. Linking chains 20 . . . (read rest of post)
VTmom, Thanks so much for the advice and sharing your routine with me. I bought a three drawer bin for all her kitchen things and play food and it is working great! I will get another big bin for stuffed animals and dolls. I was allowing myself to get way too uptight over my routine and needed another woman to be an example. So Much Appreciated! In Jesus, Ann . . . (read rest of post)
Thanks for the suggestions. Right now, the "routine" that we have is that everyone is awake by 8. We have breakfast, get dressed, chores(make beds, feed animals, clean bathrooms, fold laundry that dried overnight, any dishes - clean or dirty - to take care of, and prepare for day. I would be excited if all worked out to be ready to sit down for school by 10 . . . (read rest of post)
1. Plastic buttons and ice cube tray--I often use counting bears Instead, and kitchen tongs (the kind you use to pick up corn on the cob) and he puts the bears in the ice cube tray and then has to take them out with the tongs. When we do buttons, he likes to sort the buttons and count them. 2. beads He makes necklaces. these are Lauri brand and they come with string . . . (read rest of post)
My children play outside for 1/2 hr in the morning before lunch and then again for about 1hr in the afternoon. The morning half hour is REQUIRED by me - they must go outside. The afternoon hour can be spent in any freetime activity which includes outside. Then we are sometimes outside in the evening also to tend to our animals. Luv Mum . . . (read rest of post)
There are awesome wooden puzzles at Toys R Us. The kind that have thick wood pieces, not cardboard pieces, that fit down into a board for the wood shape. A hide and seek one was too cute. A farm scene; lift up the shape of hay, or the barn door etc., and there would be an animal under it. Foam blocks--cute colors/not plastic as we already have, came in a bag that they can be stored in, complete with zipper! ~smile~ Sewing yarn cards Peg game from Cracker Barrel Floor puzzles that stretch out to 5 feet Farm animals with a plastic 'farm scene' mat came in a clear backpack type holder . . . (read rest of post)
Annie - I started Mommy time with my 4yo dd last month. We do 10 minutes a day and I let her choose the activity. We played Tongue Twister from Discovery Toys everyday straight for 3 weeks. Yesterday she wanted me to play horses with her. The special thing for her is that I let her choose the activity. I do not try to do anything messy in this time slot . . . (read rest of post)
I tried yesterday to start the summer routine and the kids would not follow it. They were way too slow or too sleepily sitting around in the early part. They are required to get up at the same time as last week so it is nothing new. I have been battling with waking them for some time. If my dh is watching the news at that time occasionally and switches to some child show for a few minutes, they are sure to come running out of bed so I know they are capable of getting up even if tired . . . (read rest of post)
My kids are 6,4.5 and 2.5. My kids go to bed around 8, asleep by 8:30 or 9 and are awake by 7 (4yo) - 8am. The 6yo has quiet play time in the afternoon, but I will give a "nap rest" if overtired or sick. She often sleeps until 8/8:30am .. even when yesterday her sister was up SCREAMING at 6 am (turned out to be strep throat :(). The 4yo has a nap time (1-1 . . . (read rest of post)
Pam - The colors are helpful because it only takes a second to find your spot. For non readers it allows them to have some ownership as well. You can "color" your columns in Microsoft Works when you create a chart. That is what I did and it worked well. We have a separate chore chart. We use the Service Opportunities Chart from Doorposts. It is very helpful as it has space for writing the chore, but also has pictures that come with it . . . (read rest of post)
I have a 6yp and an almost 5yo; the 2.5yo naps everyday. My 6yo has roomtime/quiet play from 2:00-3:00. Sometimes I ask her to lay down with lights off for a short period of time (when I think she is tired)...she will rarely sleep but disposition is ALWAYS better!! Then she is allowed to get up and do her normal quiet play. Today, dh and I fell asleep and she played quietly until 4:00!! What a blessing! This is her only alone playtime and she REALLY likes playing alone because she shares room with 2yo . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Michelle! Oh, I know what you are going through. I had some really rough times with many little ones for awhile. It would be too frustrating to go anywhere, so we stayed home. It was a safe haven for us. We kept the activities simple. Its too much to really do so much. We just did a lot of playing in the evenings. Each evening taking out something new to play with . . . (read rest of post)
Thank you September and biwmwn2. Your ideas are very helpful! I do have their toys organized in their closet in clear storage containers. This includes, wooden blocks; matchbox cars; dress up clothes; pony's; animals; puzzles; etc. We don't have many toys that have lots of little pieces (at husbands request). Do you have any suggestions for how to determine what toys go with what "times" (i . . . (read rest of post)
Michele, Some ideas for toys..... a play kitchen has provided hours of play time for my girls and boy.....I bought mine second hand with all kinds of play food for a great price! I would use the kitchen for room time. Some little boys love the wooden train sets, we have one, but my little boy just doesn't play with it much. He LOVES tools! I have a box of children's tools that I used for room time . . . (read rest of post)
You know that book, "If you give a mouse a muffin" and other similar books? It reminds me of my children on weekends! They are playing outside and decide they would like their binoculars. They come in the house to get them, and in the same bin with the binoculars are toy cars they have not seen in a while. They forget about playing outside and start to play cars . . . (read rest of post)
My containers are in a cupboard that is in my hallway, off of the livingroom. They are: MegaBloks, Lincoln Logs, farm animals w/ the barn separate, matchbox cars and other small-sized cars/trucks, big wooden blocks, small wooden blocks, train set, baby/toddler various toys in a larger container (pounding block w/ mallet, shape sorter, soft blocks, etc . . . (read rest of post)
mOtherinmaine, My girls are 8 and 10. They sew both my hand and machine. I must say that they have learned mostly on their own. My mother gives them some basic instruction and tips when we visit her (2 or 3 times a year), but mostly they just have learned by trial and error. I can not recommend any books, I have not used any! They are just very creative! And also responsible and trustworthy . . . (read rest of post)
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