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Dear marksmyblessing, You might try doing some searching on MOTHBoard for previous threads about farm families and their schedules. I can recall one that I thought was very good, but I don't remember how far back it was. I believe one recommendation was to have time in the schedule in the morning and in the afternoon to take care of normal chores . . . (read rest of post)
Dear marksmyblessings, I too am a farm mom. We figure morning and evening chores into our schedule - (milking, care of goats, chickens etc.). We also schedule a large block of "free time" in the afternoons. This way if the cows get out in the morning and we have to round them up then we shift everything down. We still get it done (most days!) but just later in the day . . . (read rest of post)
There's something I forgot to add. Have you ever read "Farmer Boy" to your son? It's part of the "Little House" series and it is WONDERFUL. I have read it to my animal-loving son (and the others) three times. He loves it. It is about Laura's husband, Almanzo's boyhood in rural New York state. In this family there were 2 boys and 2 girls . . . (read rest of post)
I think it is fantastic that your son loves animals/farming and wants to spend time helping his dad. What a wonderful "apprenticeship" he is having! He may grow up to follow in his father's footsteps and their relationship will definitely grow from all this time spent together. I have horses and love animals and long for my own "farmette" one day so my kids can be "farm-kids"! Obviously God has put this passion in your son and I would nurture it as much as possible . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Becky, We moved to the country last year and have been adjusting to similar scheduling challenges with 7 chidren ages 2 1/2 up to 15.  Our children are completely new to animals as is my hubby so I had to come up with a way that the animals were attended to, children could learn the repetitive needs of their care without missing something, and we could still function in our family schedule . . . (read rest of post)
Cristy: Oh, you lucky duck!! A little farm! I think that sometimes we (read: me) forget that chores and homeschooling and life are not separate from each other. It helps me to remember that it is our lives and our living that is the vehicle through which we teach our children about the Lord, about love, about relationships, and - probably least importantly - about knowledge . . . (read rest of post)
We have recently taken a similar path and moved to our dream in the county as well. One thing we found that helps is to look at our farming seasons and then break down our schedule accordingly. For example, we are doing more unpacking and schooling this winter when the animal responsibilty is less time consuming so that we have more farming time in the spring and summer (with all the added work of spring animal babies and bottle feedings, garden plantings, chicken brooders etc . . . (read rest of post)
Hello ladies, it has, once again, been a while since I was able to post, however this time, I come with wonderful news! I have just recently quit my part time job here on the farm, tomorrow will be my LAST day!!! In this new period of our lives, I want to get us on a schedule! I previously had a schedule but couldn't stick to it because of being called out of the house to run and do something here on the farm for the boss or my hubby who is the manager . . . (read rest of post)
We recently are reading and prayerfully preparing to start using MOTH to schedule our days. We are a family of 10 and we all are involved in the work of our dairy, beef,and crop farm.(except the little ones, baby is 3 wks old) There is so much that is unpredictable and "unplanable" in farming and I'm looking for someone with experience or tips that would make it easier as we get started . . . (read rest of post)
There are awesome wooden puzzles at Toys R Us. The kind that have thick wood pieces, not cardboard pieces, that fit down into a board for the wood shape. A hide and seek one was too cute. A farm scene; lift up the shape of hay, or the barn door etc., and there would be an animal under it. Foam blocks--cute colors/not plastic as we already have, came in a bag that they can be stored in, complete with zipper! ~smile~ Sewing yarn cards Peg game from Cracker Barrel Floor puzzles that stretch out to 5 feet Farm animals with a plastic 'farm scene' mat came in a clear backpack type holder . . . (read rest of post)
Here is what we do for gr 6 each day. Keep in mind, there are two instruments to practice which we are committed to for awhile at least as a test period. Piano will remain for sure. We also have a farm which takes time for my oldest. My dh would like her to have time for these things outside, getting eggs, feeding animals, bottle feed calf for a few weeks, misc chores that come up . . . (read rest of post)
I used to be active here but we moved from CA to VA last fall and I haven't had time to be on, work on a schedule or much else! It was a major life -changer - moving with 5 kids (3-18), horses and other pets and leaving one child in CA. We bought a farm which needs LOTS of work so life has been hectic, to put it mildly! DH also drives an hour to work so doing "farm-chores" during the week is hard . . . (read rest of post)
Farm life, how I miss it!!! I grew up on a 240 acre dairy farm. Here are some ideas for keeping a little cleaner. wear gloves (either cloth or rubber depending on the job) rubber boots (easy to hose off) lightweight overalls (the zip kind) if girls, braided hair hats Have a certain day schedule to clean out the barns . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Katie, I am not a farmer's wife, but I was a farmer's daughter. I don't have any words of wisdom but I think I would try and keep to the schedule with the idea that I would often be thrown off and need to jump back in. Maybe as you and the children adjust your dh will also. I am thinking about how it seems to me as I was growing up, many dairy farmers who were used to keeping milking time were a bit more schedule conscience and would come in for meals etc . . . (read rest of post)
Hi everyone! I'm a sah, hs, farmsteading mom of (going to be) 5 dc's, now. All are aged 15ds, 8ds, 4dd, 1dd, and due in June!My dh is a truck driver, so there is the first scheduling challenge (not really a big deal). I've always been a schedule-a-holic, and my old friend wouldn't even lend MOTH years ago, because she knew what I'd do to my family with it . . . (read rest of post)
I would like to hear from women on farms about your schedule. We moved to our little farm almost a year ago and I am still trying to figure out how to logistically organize my chores. I feel like my list of morning chores keeps getting longer and the hours in my morning are being stretched very thin. Would someone mind . . . (read rest of post)
Snow, Do you do most of the farm chores or does hubby do them? We have over 100 animals here that need care daily. My hubby handles most of the outdoor stuff, like passing out the hay and watering, but I do it if it needs to be done while he is working. What I have done is scheduled a time in the morning while my children are doing their schoolwork to walk the grounds and make sure there are no injuries, noone is out of feed, the waterers are all ok and filled, and basically every one of those critters is accounted for . . . (read rest of post)
I find it difficult to have a consistent schedule living on a farm, because our chores are not the same every day. We go through busy seasons where we might have to be spraying 3-4 hours per day or planting all day. At other times, I might not have any farming chores to do. Sorry I can't be more help, but just wanted . . . (read rest of post)
Snow, I was thinking about you today wondering how you are doing? From one farm mom to another farm mom, I know how hard it is! Did you get your dairy goats? Goats are some of my favorite creatures, we have 24 of them. Blessings, Marae . . . (read rest of post)
We live on a four acre farm. We have two horses, eight chickens, and a large assortment of other critters. I usually get up at 6:00 AM. I have my quiet time/get dressed and put in a load of laundry. The children are up at 7:00-7:30. They are required to get dressed, straighten their rooms, and feed the pets. I usually nurse the baby and feed the horses during this time . . . (read rest of post)
MomToJs - I almost posted this yesterday! I want to see actual schedules of homeschooling with a farm though, and I'm not sure we can share actual schedules... I will need to fit in sheep shearing (okay, that's only a couple of days, LOL) goat milking and horse care ... and the regular mucking about and feeding. (No chickens... . . . (read rest of post)
Hi! We have been using MOTH for 5 or 6 years, but have come into some new problems lately. We have 10 children and homeschool, plus we live on a farm. Our 16yo son works in the afternoons (here on the farm - getting paid by the hour) and seems to resent being scheduled. He thinks since he is earning a paycheck, he should have total independence for his time . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Jen, Thanks again for your encouragement. I didn't realize you had five too - all c-sections as well. I have a friend who would love more children. She is pregnant with her third and having her third c-section and was telling me she was worried thinking she couldn't have many more because of the c-section scarring, etc. It's nice to hear others who have had more - I will let her know . . . (read rest of post)
I do understand where you are coming from. I have 3 boys - 8 and under who all love to be out with Daddy plus it's irrigation season. I can think of nothing better for them! In my opinion they need that time, they receive lessons I can't teach. My summer schedule is in list form of things needing to be done each day, things to be done this week and things to be done this summer . . . (read rest of post)
I know this is an older thread but I just had to say thanks for all your suggestions! My husband is a dairy farmer and my oldest son(3 yesterday) just LOVES to help his daddy, grandpa and grandma at the farm! I was wondering how to schedule his time, as I never know when he will be going with Daddy! Thanks for the encouragement! Leah . . . (read rest of post)
Hello! My name is Leah. I am 28 years old. My husband, Scott(30), and I have been married for 5 years! We have two precious boys so far! John turned 3 yesterday! Noah is 16.5 months old! We are praying for many more baby blessings!!! We have had two midwife-assisted homebirths! We are praying that we will be able to have all our children at home. I was homeschooled from the middle of 7th grade through high school . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Michelle! Oh, I know what you are going through. I had some really rough times with many little ones for awhile. It would be too frustrating to go anywhere, so we stayed home. It was a safe haven for us. We kept the activities simple. Its too much to really do so much. We just did a lot of playing in the evenings. Each evening taking out something new to play with . . . (read rest of post)
Hello Dear Ladies! It has been a long time since I have visited the MOTH Board. I left a time back because I was focusing too much of my time on the boards and sacrificing my work and children at home. Since that time, the Lord has worked greatly in our lives. However....I am really struggling with our schedule and I knew just the ladies to turn to . . . (read rest of post)
Coming from a mom who was never taught homemaking skills as a child - PLEASE make the time to teach these skills to your children! I have a 6th grader this year as well - although mine is a boy and we don't have a farm. But I'll tell you what we do. Bible - 15m Math - 30m Grammar - 15m (3 times a week) Writing - 20m Reading (this is reading books not a curriculum) - 20m Thinking skills - 10m Geography - 30m once a week History - 20m Science - 30m We don't do spelling anymore since he doesn't need it (my 8th grader does 10m of spelling a day, though) Typing - 15m (3 times a week) Piano 15m - their teacher doesn't want them to be forced to practice so it's on their schedule as a reminder but they play throughout the day whenever they want to Chores - 1hr Latin - 10m We don't have a farm so outside chores are seasonal and done on days off I'm not really sure of what Wordly Wise is so I can't say if you should drop it or not but I would think you could easily drop the handwriting and the reading curriculum, if she is reading other books on her own . . . (read rest of post)
Hello ladies~ I am looking for any wisdom that you dear ladies could offer. I am trying to establish a consistent summer schedule and looking towards our fall schedule, but I am having difficulty scheduling our 9yods. He looked so forward to the summer and being able to spend a lot of time with his dad on the farm. I think it is great that he can spend this time with dh and that my dh enjoys their time together also . . . (read rest of post)
How about a block of time that says, "Farm Chores?" :) :) :) I have 4 daughters and 1 son. My son spends as much time outdoors helping his daddy as he can. We live on a 14 acre farm :) . . . (read rest of post)
Ladies, My oldest son (9) was taught how to read in a public school. He is great at reading. Here's the problem; he hates to read! I'm going to schedule a half hour slot in the afternoon for him to read by himself. I may start him off with 10 to 15 minutes to begin with and then work our way up to a half hour. Does that sound like the right thing to do? I have not pressured him at all to read, reading is sooo important to me . . . (read rest of post)
We have 3yo twin dds and 18 mo twin dss. I have crafttime separate from the toytime you describe which includes Playdoh, stamping, painting, etc. but their crayons are also available most of the time at a coloring/snack table we have in the kitchen. Toys: We have multicolored square mats, and I stuck two red, two blue, two green, and two yellow ones together so my 3yos each have 30 minute blocks of red, blue, yellow and green mat time each day, and I'm in the process of training the boys to have red/blue mat time (I don't put toys with little pieces on the red/blue mats) . . . (read rest of post)
One thing I've come to realize is that it's important to check books yourselves to be sure they fit *your* family values. That said, a series we've enjoyed recently is the Farm Mystery Series by Castleberry Farms Press. Also, my son likes to read books about how to fix things around the house (plumbing, electric, etc . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Dianne, Can I recommend "The Farm Mystery Series" by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry, Castleberry Farms Press? I think there are seven titles, and the two we have are called Weighty Matters and The Mysterious Message. They are Christian and really model great parent/child relationships. My son also reads and re-reads the Moodys! He has twice brought me recipes to make from the Moody books . . . (read rest of post)
Well, we've been off our schedule for awhile and have slowly been getting back on. I need some help, majorly!! I had some unexpected surgery on Feb 23. While on my way to get my results on Mar.1, I was hit by a car. I now have a concussion, and major back issues. Can you help me how I should proceed with scheduling? We will probably have someone coming in, but until then my house is a wreck, schooling is perhaps one subject for younger ones at best . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Erika, Your schedule looks great, and it's neat that older siblings can "supervise" and be building relationships with the youngest one. Some of our activities I would think an older child could help him with follow: Alphabet blocks Lacing big beads or spools on shoelaces Cardboard big bricks Magnetic letters on cookie sheet Wood puzzles Farm animals playmat Feltkids (feltboard) Blocks Little People (we have several different sets from garage sales and ebay, e . . . (read rest of post)
Hi, my name is Laura, and I have 7 children... 12, 9, 7, 6, 4, 2, 5 mos. I've had the MOTH book for several years and have made some fabulous schedules, but haven't ever stuck with any of them for more than a few days. I can't seem to get it all together. I first started trying to schedule when I only had four children, and I still can't figure it out . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Laura, I would encourage you that consistently using your schedule and being familiar with it should help you when you need to make revisions. The changes in activities that you are talking about will usually not necessitate a change in the whole schedule but just a small portion of it. Plan a schedule that can accomodate those kinds of changes . . . (read rest of post)
We live on a small farm, I have five boys, we have cows, chickens, dog, cats and a garden. I have only two boys responsible for the morning animal chores outside. They wear one set of clothes for a few days before they are washed. These barn clothes are stored folded on the hallway floor, so as to not smell up any carpets. They do not take full showers every time they come inside but they do a good handwashing and clean up . . . (read rest of post)
We live on a farm with 120 acres and lots of cows and chickens. The biggest mess seems to come from playing outside because they have so much fun. I try to save better clothes and have set play things. We have a lot more laundry with no hooks to hang the dirties in between times when they would need them. My oldest puts hers over a chair in her room and the others put over their bed rail or hang in the closet . . . (read rest of post)
Anyone out there own your on business and homeschool? I am trying to get a schedule together but we have lots of interruptions. My husband owns a farm & garden store next door to our house. Sometimes we have to quite what we are doing and go work for him. We also own a farm so things are very busy and it is very hard to try and find time for everything . . . (read rest of post)
Lisa, Some people use "room time" as quiet or rest time. For us, room time is a play time, simply confined to their rooms. So there are many, many things our children can do. The younger they are, I choose what they do. As they become responsible in cleaning up, they can choose. Here are some ideas: Play with blocks (wooden, large cardboard, duplo, other) Large cars & trucks & tractors Train set Fisher Price adventure sets Farm or Garage Mr . . . (read rest of post)
Yeah, I'm working on it and have been for weeks. I'm not sure how to get it done though. This is my third year scheduling and I know I need it! Difficulties to doing it.... dh is having difficulty with work (not getting enough hours), and is home several days per week now and wants me to do what HE wants, which is just fine with me theoretically, but in practicality I feel like nothing gets done . . . (read rest of post)
Wow-seems that you and I may have something in common. My husband isn't OTR anymore but works 4-14 hour days + farms with neighbors 2 days per week. He also was raised in very Christian family, but doesn't live the life. Sometimes I worry about him being an example for our 3 little ones. dd-5yr. ds-3yr. ds-1. I received MOTH as a gift from someone at church--have truly found it a blessing . . . (read rest of post)
LindaKay, Boy! You sound so much like me. This is so much like what I posted a few months ago. I'm also expecting (2-03) with a 1yog, 2 1/2yob, and 11 & 9 1/2 yo girls that we're homeschooling. I had to go back and simplify my schedule some, then I had to back off on my expectations, and now I'm cracking down on being more consistent in the discipline/character training . . . (read rest of post)
Yes, Julie, I work from that angle, too. And to answer your question, "In His Grip", here are some of our chores, which happen to be in a handy list for me right now because I am in the midst of making up our own MOTH charts right now! These jobs, not listed in any order, are done by a family on a farm, with girls aged 10, 8, and 5 . . . (read rest of post)
I also made a list of what they can do and only do what was left. We also live on a farm and this list is what they all do every morning. There are 4dc ages 9,8,6,5 that do chores and 3 that are 3 and under that "help" made beds and clean up room. They also make the littles bed. clean the bathroom. sink, toilet, floor sweep basement steps dust living room run sweeper unload silverware from dishwasher wipe table and chairs wipe lower kitchen cabs wipe all doorknobs gather dirty clothes take clothes to basement sort the clothes ( the last three are each done by a different child) put away clean laundry feed bird feed inside dogs feed inside cats and clean litter box bring in firewood with the little guys bringing in the kindling feed outside dogs feed outside cats Then the olders help dh with the feeding of the chickens, cows and horses . . . (read rest of post)
You'all are doin' great! Our children don't go to bed until around 10pm and we often don't until midnight or later! I was trying to schedule earlier mornings, but ended up with all of us tired and grouchy. We get up around 8:30am. The older children do farm chores then we have breakfast at 10am and clean up. LLATL is at 11am, MUS at 11:30 and reading at 12noon, then we clean up and fix lunch and eat around 1pm, Bible at 2pm, Latin/Greek and Sign Language practice at 2:30, Science or History at 3, Music and Memory verses at 3:30 and 4pm, then we load and unload the dishwasher, fold laundry and vacuum one room from 4:30 to 5:30, then start supper, eat, clean up, baths, pick up toys and have family time . . . (read rest of post)
My hubby and I are seriously thinking about having someone come in and help me a few times a week, since we don't have any family to help. I'm expecting in Feb. We also have dd 11, dd9 1/2, ds 2 1/2 and dd 14mo. We live on a small farm and dh has his own service business, which I do the books for. I'm wondering if anyone else has someone come in to help them, and how they schedule this time and the time around it . . . (read rest of post)
We homeschool our children but our school schedule is just as if we were in school all day. The difference is we don't take time to get to school. I heard someone on here say they do morning chores before breakfast. I have learned that the basic gooming, making beds and tidying up the room after dressing is all we need at that hour. After breakfast we pick up our dishes and tidy the kitchen . . . (read rest of post)
I seem to change mine every couple of months or so. (actually I reevaluate about every month, just to make sure my priorities are still right...) DH has his own business and things change with it seasonally at least. Then we seem to be having babies every 18 months or so, so I have to change things depending on where I'm at in pregnancy, nursing, and teething . . . (read rest of post)
I loved the book. We've been kinda going along that path... Another good one (kinda a followup, more detail and more Christian perspective) is Teaching the Trivium. We use Learning Language Arts through Litterature (the old version), English form the Roots Up, and Math-U-See. For the younger years (my girls read fairly early) I used the Rod and Staff reading books, now they read mostly biographies (which is also History!) . . . (read rest of post)
Hi! Both of my girls are the same ages as yours: 2 1/2 on Dec.22 and 1 on Dec. 21. I don't have many ideas but here is our schedule....Up around 8 a.m. breakfast for all of us then I shower while they watch t.v. :( they also play while they watch...after that we may go outside or do errands or to the park. Nap for 1 year old which gives me quality time with 2 1/2 year old . . . (read rest of post)
I've had the book a while, have read and re-read it several times. We are implementing a schedule, along with my cleaning plan for keeping up with housework, and all was progressing well until both boys got sick last Friday. Since then.... nothing! Just trying to keep up with the dishes and the clothes, keep food on the table, nothing else. I'm so ready to get back into the routine, it makes such a difference! Since both my children are toddlers, Chapter 3 is my favorite . . . (read rest of post)
I separated my boys' toys by category, I guess you'd call it. They love tractors, so they have a group of large ones to push. Then a tub of small ones with the farm animals and trailers. They have push lawnmowers & vacuums, a group of musical instruments, a couple of electronic alphabet game/computer "thingies", blocks, etc. I let them play with blocks and a dump truck first thing a . . . (read rest of post)
I just got finished revamping our schedule and have done it today (unfortunately we finished everything early this morning (in terms of school) and I was left with 15 min. here and 15 min. there where they got a little wild. I think the getting back on track with the schedule will work wonders, and I usually do try to go active, quiet, active, quiet although I didn't do that this time! OOps I guess I have been so wacked out by all of the craziness that I basically have NO active stuff!! Sooooo back to the drawing board! Although I must say that for my boys, duplos is anything but quiet play (even though it should be!) Everything must crash or fly through the house (airplanes, rockets, space ships,etc . . . (read rest of post)
Keeping up with your normal schedule on a daily basis should allow you to be able to switch to your major farm interruption days and not be way behind when you hit them. Then catching back up won’t be difficult either. One thing you might consider is making up a “skeleton schedule” for the days you were describing when you can’t do any kind of normal schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I recieved my MOTH book on Thursday of last week (only TWO days from order to HERE!) and have been reading it as often as I can since then. Though I am not through the book yet, I feel a need to start RIGHT now with a schedule!! I love that everything from laundry to preschool to just snuggling with a child to personal time (like quilting) it is all included in the schedule! My biggest question, and I am sure I have just not reached that part yet, is what do those of you who have very VARIED days do? I work part-time on the farm here and my beloved DH will come in at any time and say he needs me to come help, there are things that are done every week that can take 4 or 5 hours but are never done on any specific time frame (some weeks it is Monday mornings, others Tuesday mornings, then sometimes Tuesday afternoons or even Friday afternoons . . . (read rest of post)
We just got our schedule together and hung up on the wall yesterday, so today is our first leap into it... All the children are excited as I am also... I just wanted to say that we have always had a morning and an afternoon chores time. The morning one is more for the deeper cleaning things like we try to damp mop the kitchen floor every day (we live on a farm in a sandy soil area . . . (read rest of post)
Our goals for summer are to get work done and keep the children disciplined in thier duties. I will begin our day with one hour of training them for their chores for next year (this should only take about a month of training until they can do them). Then we are going to have half an hour of character and Bible. The next hour will be spent on individual Bible reading, Math drills and spelling . . . (read rest of post)
OK, I know my farm is just a hobby and is small, but how do you do it? I have one horse, three goats and a sheep, chickens, and am putting in a large garden this year. Barn chores usually take anywhere from 1/2 to 1 hour every morning and evening. My dh wanted this to be our kids' responsibility, but they are only 7 and 9 and just can't quite do it on their own yet . . . (read rest of post)
Becca, Congratulations on being able to focus on your dear family!! I can share what we do with our animal chores and hopefully somebody else can share the other two items you posted about! We have pets and farm animals and each child has a specific animal chore to do. This just works out for us because certain children have their own pets or like to do certain animal chores more than others . . . (read rest of post)
I have 2 sons ages 5 and 2 and we live on a small farm. The daily chores take about an hour each morning and evening-milking a cow, feeding calves, cleaning, etc. I do the morning chores before my dh leaves for work. The boys get up around 6:30-6:45, just as I am finishing. Dh leaves for work around 7. The boys come with me for the afternoon chores, each with a bit to do (after all animals are in their pens) . . . (read rest of post)
I have a 8yog and 4 yob. You can give him play alone time, but also give him directed play alone time. Here is some things I do with my 4yob: puzzles, coloring, playdough, cut & paste, stickers, water paints, drawing etc. these are rotated and he does these while at the table with us for up to one hour a day. I also do Rod & Staff workbooks and some other gentle learning with him at the table . . . (read rest of post)
Well, my farm sounds like it is no where near the size of yours'! The things I am trying to schedule so far are: personal quiet time feed and water the chickens veg garden care-water (no irrigation, its all done with hoses), trim, weed, pick, etc. laundry-need to get it all on the line early. bake bread for the day help kids with chores (4,5,6 yrs old) cleaning time make breakfast devotions school Other things like mending fences, orchard care and clearing underbrush in the forest are things we can and do take care of in the afternoon or on weekends . . . (read rest of post)
Hi, We also will be using MFW kindergarten with my nearly 5 year old son (and MFW for the 2nd and 4th graders). When I did my schedule, I planned for 30 mins in the morning for him while the older girls work independently and toddler plays (hopefully) alone (she's fresh enough in the morning to play alone or color next to us). I'll use this time for the reading/phonics type activities and then I scheduled 30 mins in the afternoon (while toddler naps) . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Snow! If I had to do the things you mentioned and I know you probably left some of things out, but here is how I would schedule it.. 6:00 Quiet time with the Lord 6:30 shower 7:00 throw laundry in/start making bread 7:30 make breakfast/clean up breakfast 8:00 laundry on line/chickens 8:30 reserve for bread and taking something out for supper or picking up 9:00 water garden . . . (read rest of post)
Well, we live around a lot of farmers and compared to them your children and mine are underworked! LOL I have seen the fruit from these families and I think work is a good thing for children. My dh always tells me that I should be working less and managing more as the children get older. Our dc have half an hour of chore time in the house, clean up after breakfast and lunch, animal chores and whatever work Dad has for them each day . . . (read rest of post)
No! I was just listening to a preaching tape by Tom Ferrell on raising children and one of the things he points out is the need to teach them responsibility and doing a complete job, etc...the only way to do that is through WORK! Your list isn't nearly what my parents have told me they did as children on the farm.... Now, *blush* . . . (read rest of post)
No! I don't think they are doing too much at all! I was putting in a whole lot more time at 15 then your daughter (farm life ;o). I think its important that the kids take part in taking care of our home/family. I even have my 2yr old doing simple chores during chore time. My oldest is 8 and he said the other day "you know, I do have a lot of responsibility here" and then he listed all the things he did . . . (read rest of post)
We are doing good so far! We haven't added all the extras in like phonics and math, but we are doing our basic unit study and Bible, and all the music (with 5 taking lessons, that is ALOT) We are quite pleased so far, but I can see things will get a little crowded next week when I start adding more stuff as Molly nurses often and I forgot to leave time for hanging the laundry outside after moving here to the farm . . . (read rest of post)
Apparently that's all the sleep I need. During the early part of this and the last pg I slept more b/c everyone kept telling me I needed more, but I felt horrible. I finally got back to my old routine & I feel great. From 6 to 8:00 I do my morning routine & feed the boys, then they dress & get ready for preschool. We do preschool from 9-12. Lunch, naps, then afternoon routine consisting of cleaning and mostly outside work (farm) . . . (read rest of post)
We have an early basket (as in I got done early What can I do now?) It contains fun yet educational things for them. It has varied over the years. Right now it has a dry erase board with letters preprinted on it for handwriting practice (Walmart less than $5), pattern blocks, counting bears, fun but wholesome books like the "Millers" stories, a book by Ed Emberley about drawing, and a Bible story coloring book . . . (read rest of post)
OK, we are only a "hobby farm" so this may not be truly helpful for you, but here 'tis. We have one horse (soon to be 2), one goat (due to birth more tomorrow), one sheep, 8 chickens, and one dog, personal vegetable garden, grape vines, few fruit trees. We have 6dc, ages 10y to 3m. Haven't got the newbie on a good schedule yet, but before he was born, this worked well . . . (read rest of post)
My husband is a grain farmer, the kids and I really don't help with that end of it....there's really not anything we could do. He counts on me to keep the household running. We do have a few animals, goats, pony, sheep and chickens. Oh yes, and rabbits. My boys have chore time for these animals scheduled, in the morning, and again late afternoon . . . (read rest of post)
It was so good to see your message today. I wanted to post my own about neighborhood kids. We just moved to a new neighborhood and often when we find ourselves in a new, uncomfortable situation it is so nice to have this forum for encouragement and validation. I am praying about our situation and God is giving me some confirmations of what He wants me to do . . . (read rest of post)
We live in the country and have been able to work out a schedule that works for us. We do not have regular milking chores, however. We do our morning chores in the house along with breakfast and clean up. The older children then do their animal chores while I do school and spend time with the younger ones. Then we will go on with our school. When the children are done with school, lunch and rest time they are free to go out and spend time on the farm (work with the horses etc . . . (read rest of post)
Dear FarmFam5, We have been using ABEKA for several years now. I don't combine grades for any of the ABEKA work. Here is a link to our schedule for the past years. You can find when our children were your children's ages to get an idea of how much time was scheduled for them. We used a different phonics program but the time would probably be similiar . . . (read rest of post)
Luv2bhome- That is a good idea for the first day of school. I am going to try it too. Farmfam5-My 2yo ds is so excited about starting school. Everytime he hears me talking about plans for the new school year he goes and gets his book. He is so ready. I'm excited too. Like you, I also get ahead of myself. I would like to teach my kids everything . . . (read rest of post)
Hi, I am prayerfully working up another schedule. I never did get one to work last year, which is very discouraging, but I refuse to stop trying. I remember how well things worked the year before on a schedule, and want that peace in my home again. With 6dc, and a hobby farm it is difficult. Far beyond my poor abilities to organize, I'm afraid . . . (read rest of post)
I just read MOTH earlier this summer and praise God for sending it my way! Last summer I was calling out to God for His help with a schedule as in my own power I know I can do nothing. I ended up pregant and had our 8th baby in March so know why He didn't send this last year:) I started reading it again and was amazed at the wisdom once again and everything seems to make more sense, though pulling it off still hasn't happen to it's entirety . . . (read rest of post)
I second the recommendation on waiting on the train set. Buy him a train he can push around on the floor instead. My dd likes mirror play (who's that baby in the mirror?), playing peekaboo in her exer-saucer with ds, and playing with the busybox. At age 1, ds also enjoyed walkers. I mean, sturdy toys with wheels, designed for that age, that he could push like a cart . . . (read rest of post)
My eight year old daughter has room time every day as well. Sometimes she has school to finish or corrections from her morning work, so that comes first. We do a lot of reading in our homeschool, so she always has history or fun books to read for independent reading time. Often, she will read. Some days she plays with playmobil or her Kirsten doll . . . (read rest of post)
Well, this week went much better than normal... until today. I got up each morning by 6:30 and had about an hour of quiet time, devotions and prayer time. Then, I started breakfast by 7:45 and the family was up by 8. The boys were before dh. I had a much more pleasant day. I tried really hard to be a happy mommy and wife. I usually succeeded until around 4:30 ish . . . (read rest of post)
They could make a Daddy tape together! Your dc could interview their Dad and have it on tape for years to come. How about special Bible memory time with Daddy? Any computer programs they could work on together? I really do like reading time with Dad best of all. My dc have wonderful memories of Dad reading them the entire Little House series (Farmer Boy was dh favorite), Pollyanna, and so many more . . . (read rest of post)
Mamazilla, Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have not had much computer time lately. Unfortunately, we are just doing the bare bones, schedule-wise (meals, chores, minimum school) while we are in the last 4-6 weeks of building our new home. I am looking forward to a full time schedule beginning the last week of Dec.!! Towel time activities . . . (read rest of post)
I did a search and found your list. I hope it is ok that I cut and pasted it here for everyone: "......towel time activities. I think I posted my ideas on this forum a couple of years ago. I will search the archives.... puzzles ( I sort these into separate categories...wooden, easy, abc, etc.) water, bowl, dropper and extra towel (move water from one bowl to the other using the dropper) cotton balls, clothespin, 2 bowls (move cotton balls from one bowl to the other using the clothespin) rice box with small cups, spoons dried bean box with small cups, spoons cowboys and Indians figures farm animals jungle animals dinosaurs matchbox cars woodkins paper dolls pattern blocks wooden beads soft Lauri beads Lauri fit-a-shape other various Lauri activities toothpick art chalk on black paper stickers and paper I have about 40 activities in all . . . (read rest of post)
Here is my list from a couple of years ago. I have additional activities also, I will post them as time permits. In January, after we move, I hope to update my list. TOWEL TIME ACTIVITIES 1. plastic buttons 2. soft beads 3. cowboys 4. 8-10 piece puzzles 5. car felt book 6. water dropper 7. sponge, water, bowls 8. school bus ABC 9. Lincoln logs 10 . . . (read rest of post)
"WHAT ACTIVITIES OR CRAFTS OR HOBBIES DO YOU FILL YOUR DAY UP WITH?" Ha! I wish we could...actually we have a hobby farm and the animals take up at least 1 hour a day, sometimes more. Besides that I have 6dc, and the oldest is 10. Congratulations on getting the important things done so early in the day! You're better at this than I am, for sure . . . (read rest of post)
1 . plastic buttons and ice cube tray 2. beads 3. Light bright 4. Puzzles 5. Geo board 6. bears 7. knex 8.pattern blocks 9. Lincoln logs 10. Felt board 11. Sequence puzzle 12. File folder games 13. magna doodle 14. magnetic letters 15. Linking cubes 16. lacing animals 17. wooden blocks 18. books on tape 19. Linking chains 20. magnets 21 plastic counting bugs 22 . . . (read rest of post)
Farmfam5~ I ~loved~ this testimony! I'm an all or nothing gal too, and this is a lesson I can relate to!! Hope it's all still working well for you as you keep on keeping on! Joy Unquenched~ . . . (read rest of post)
FarmFam5, I am sooooo encouraged, when other's are encouraged by their own successes and share this. God is so good to bless us even in the smallest of ways!!! ;0) I'm anxious to here about your households QUIETTIME on your schedule. I wondered HOW you have this scheduled for ALL dc and WHAT they are doing during this time. I love . . . (read rest of post)
Wow, it seems like 1 hour is a pretty long time to get ready for bed, JMHO. We have 2 boys (5, 2 1/2) and one 5 mo girl that we get ready for bed in about 25 minutes. This is how we do it: The 2 yo gets in the shower (We do showers every night except Saturday because they go much faster, and no "toys" are involved.) While he's bathing (with me watching him, helping him wash and rinse well, etc . . . (read rest of post)
Yes, any additional work to earn money or earn back items must be done during their free time. In my mind, work is a sacrifice - if they get out of chores or school to do work, they are just substituting one type of work for another - but if they have to give up their play time they will remember the lesson better. Some work my 3/4 year olds do might include: washing walls, doors, cabinets, fridge/oven doors, etc . . . (read rest of post)
Hi ladies, In two weeks our 11 month old (still crawling) will be having surgery on one hand and both feet. He will be wrapped up to the hips on both legs and to the shoulder on one arm for 6 weeks(or more). I am trying to figure out how to schedule his days in order to keep him somewhat happy and clean(to reduce risk of infection). We live in a large home on a farm with eight children, so our floors are hard to keep up with . . . (read rest of post)
How old are your other children? Is it possible to have some of the older ones have a scheduled time to take him for a walk in a stroller around the farm? I like the idea of rotating who is watching him in your bedroom. Praying that the surgery will go easily for all of you! :) . . . (read rest of post)
biwmwn2~ I am so sorry that I never replied to your post. I just went to Home and realized my watch threads were there. To answer your question about Quiet time, the dc go to seperate rooms of the house and usually read a book, rest, do a word puzzle, or anything that is quiet. I have on our schedule to have the two older children wake and have their quiet time with the Lord while the two smaller children sleep another 1/2 hour . . . (read rest of post)
It probably is so obvious and yet I'm unsure what to do. We have a 8yos who is a real farm boy and loves to go with dad during the summer. This summer I am trying a schedule and my question is do I make two different schedules for ds~ one when he is in with us and one for when he goes with dad? If any of you have ever been in this situation or if you have any suggestions I would appreciate so much . . . (read rest of post)
farmfresh~ Thank you so much for your reply... it was very encouraging to me!! It is hard for me to be to flexible because I know what needs to be done and since 3dc like to be in and 1ds likes to be out I was finding it hard to be fair with chores and was afraid he would miss out on fun things too. I will try to be more flexible, but still have a schedule . . . (read rest of post)
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