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My children are up at 6 a.m. I put them to bed at night at 8 (one year old) and 8:30 (five year old.) The one year old naps for an hour at 9 a.m. They both go down for an afternoon nap at 1:00. The one year old sleeps 2 to 3 hours. The five year old hardly sleep at all, but must remain on her bed and play or read quietly . . . (read rest of post)
Hi! I am new to scheduling and as I read your posts I thought you guys could help. What to do with a one year old who is everywhere? He has alone time in his playpen, but I can't leave him in there all day! I have tried "arts and crafts" but everything I have tried has been over his head. Plus, he only wants to move, not sit!! Have . . . (read rest of post)
I also have a 1st grader with 3yod and 1yos to deal with! I can't stand the thought of giving up my afternoon quiettime to do school so I save alot of the read alouds for bedtime stories (history and other things). Here are some ideas for 3 year old: Table time (with one box of stuff for each day of week to only be used during school time: markers, play do, counting bears and cups, puzzles, etc . . . (read rest of post)
All the above ideas are great and I agree. One thing that I've found that helps is keeping children of this age apart more than they are together. They just can't seem to handle it. IE, if one has blanket time, the other has computer time and the third is doing school. then they switch and one has outside time (we have a little deck right off the school room witht eh swing and sandbox), one has playroom time and one has table time . . . (read rest of post)
Wow! Such prompt replies! Thanks to both of you! You said you're not sure what I'm asking. Well, I guess I'm not sure either--I'm asking so many questions right now. You hit one nail on the head, though, articulating something I've been thinking a lot about. There's "too much on my plate"--if I really want to do a good job at everything. So either I need to just do "good enough" (in lieu of excellent) in some categories as you say, and/or I need to re-evaluate and take some things off my plate . . . (read rest of post)
Hi Amy, I know what it is like to have 2 little ones close together. My dd's are 14.5 mths apart. Here are some things that the 2.5 yr old could do. Playdough, stinging beads(you can get them in a large size) or make your own out of rigatoni noodles. Make an indoor sandbox using things like uncooked rice or pasta and color it with food coloring . . . (read rest of post)
My 2 & 1 year old enjoy the park... My one year old really likes those small thick books with the cardboard pages... she likes "little people" dolls that fit well in her hand... both girls play a lot with the fisher-price little people playhouse. My two year old is quite adept on the computer and likes several toddler PC programs . . . (read rest of post)
I have a 13 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. We just play together much of the time. Almost all of the time the two play together. I try and come up with ways to help them play together. Some examples: blocks, she builds and he knocks down. I will entertain him helping him build himself and then my dd will call us over when her tower is ready to be knocked down . . . (read rest of post)
I need help. I love my moth book and schedule and I desperately want to follow my schedule. My problem has been that I have a sick baby. She is one year old and has been running a very high fever for 3 days now. I am trying to keep my other children on schedule they are 8, 7 and 3 however they don't seem to function very well with out me standing over them keeping them on their schedule . . . (read rest of post)
I am still tweaking the schedule ( trying to cut down from 19 hours of scheduled activity so we can all get some sleep :-) ) bvut this week I hae been allowing the dc to havbe free time with what is left after their half hour activbity is concluded. For example ds has half hour math after chores, if he completes his work without unacceptable errors he canhave the remainder time free . . . (read rest of post)
We stopped naps a while ago for our 6 and 4 year old bvut have "quiet time" instead. The children may be in their rooms playing quietly until the end of "Quiet time". (usually 2 hours) My 6 year old son plays with his lego's, reads books, colors, plays with his ships etc during this time. he actually now enjoys it and will ask when he is going to be allowed to have quiet time if we are running late . . . (read rest of post)
Our schedule is always different on Sundays. It does throw us off but just for one day. I hold my son in church and tell him to lie his head down. That way he falls asleep (he is one year old.) This gives him an earlier nap on Sundays then the other days, but it keeps him very quiet in church! We get a late lunch after church and then he goes down late for his nap, to get up at the same time as other days . . . (read rest of post)
We put a clock in our daughters' room and drew a picture of what the clock would look like at six in the morning. We then told our five year old that she must stay quietly in bed until six a.m. and if she got out of bed before then she would get a spanking. She only needed one spanking. I was very careful to explain to her that it's always okay for her to get out of bed to go to the bathroom or if she gets scared . . . (read rest of post)
Are your boys helping? The 3 oldest can defineately vacuum, clean glass and pick up. I have scheduled days that things get done. Monday is my vacuum and mopping day so if the house is not picked up my almost 7 and 4 year-olds have to help. They also clean glass and mirrors that day. Tuesday is bedroom day. They must dust/vacuum their rooms, I do mine this day too . . . (read rest of post)
I don't think it would be hard on little ones. I remember going to a vacation home a lot as a child... it was always the same cabin.. but BOTH of my parents were always there, and I loved it. I think it's different when the entire family moves as a unit then when it's a child of divorce being uprooted each week. My husband was just gone for a week to his father's funeral in the Netherlands and during that time my 12 month old threw fits several times a day . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Erin, I would suggest you go to the sample schedules in the back of MOTH and look at other children's schedules who are one year old. I think you will find some ideas there for your baby's schedule. Often for our babies, they were simply doing whatever I was doing. If I was doing school, they were playing on the floor near us. If I was folding laundry, they were playing beside me . . . (read rest of post)
Dear Supermaam, I found with our schedule that I could make up a schedule for the school year and it generally it didn't need to be readjusted until summer - that included the time when I had five children ages 7 and under. If nap needs changed mid year, I would simply adjust that part of the schedule. In your example, I would put the 3 year old to bed later or get him up earlier so that he would take/need the length nap you want for the afternoon . . . (read rest of post)
I am struggling with my one year old's day. My dd is 16 mos. and I'm having a hard time directing her. Playpen time is a problem - after 13 months of consistent twice a day playpen time she only screams and never touches her toys. Stroller rides are a disaster. I have kidded that it's "stroller training," but it's not funny when she's arching her back and leaning halfway out of the stroller or worse yet turning around and somehow standing up so that I have to carry her for her safety . . . (read rest of post)
I have a question. Where are you when she has play pen time? In a different room? Is she alone in a room or can she see you at all? I'm looking at your schedule and I'm thinking that you are probably in the kitchen doing some sort of meal prep. Without knowing who else is doing what, would it be possible to move the play pen into the kitchen or by it and give her some sort of play dishes and talk to her as you prepare the meal . . . (read rest of post)
For outings, how about a baby backpack? My now 2 1/2 y ds went through that stage. He really preferred to be eye level with momma and safely behind her. Think about it from a one year olds' perspective - being pushed rapidly into oncoming strangers and not being able to see momma. A side benefit - my dh would much more willingly carry ds in a backpack than push him in the stroller (more manly, i guess) How is your bedtime routine? Does she have a specific routine of her own or is dd kind of getting lost in the shuffle of everybody getting ready for bed at the same time? I remember ds fighting sleep . . . (read rest of post)
I have my 11 month old son scheduled for time with his sisters during morning lessons; they each have one half hour with him. I am looking for activities they can do together in his bedroom. Later they will be able to take him downstairs but right now I can see the stairs as being a big interruption to our lessons. (He is a big boy {27 pounds} and they can lift him--but not easily up and down stairs) . . . (read rest of post)
Hello, I need some training tips. I have a scheduled time for my four year old son to play with his one year old brother. Does anyone have experience in training for this? They are playing in a gated room that is filled with safe toys, a train table, etc. I am not very good at the practical side and am not sure how to help my 4 year old know what to do . . . (read rest of post)
At first I couldn't believe it, but it is starting to sink in that our baby #4 (who is now 18 months) is FINALLY settling back into a predictable routine. I am filled with thankfulness! It has been a long six months as she stopped napping well after her first birthday and became demanding and overly tired. Nothing we tried worked. Her playpen and sibling times were also not going well . . . (read rest of post)
I wrote a post one time with the title "Activities & toys for one year old during sibling time". The reply Sweetness gave was awesome! Please check this link: I just copied it out again; so many great ideas! . . . (read rest of post)
Dear mom2sweet4, I do not have experience scheduling two MFW curriculums and preschoolers. I DO have experience scheduling MFW K with a K child and younger ones. I think this might benefit. You can schedule this curriculum several different ways. 1.) block off time to work with your k child alone while the preschoolers are occupied. 2.) block off time to do the phonics/writing/ math/workbook with your k child alone and include the younger ones in the activity guide portion . . . (read rest of post)
There are a few things I have tried. Schedule a tape listening alone time with one while you work with the other. Have one one look at books, color, play with legos while you work with the other. We have a unique phonics program in our house. Dad gives the kids a bath and we have always had those letters that stick to the tub. All of the kids have learned their letters, colors and beginning words in the tub with Dad . . . (read rest of post)
I just wanted to share a word of praise and encouragement. Our one year old ds just had surgery a little over a week ago. Things were more difficult than we anticipated. We ended up at the hospital more than home and I spent all my waking time caring for him. Our schedule was an anchor that the Lord used in our lives. The children knew what to do and basically kept things going without me; I could just focus on taking care of baby . . . (read rest of post)
My heart goes out to you! We have seven students and a one year old as well. Could you go back to your worksheet and pray over it? First ask the Lord what is of eternal value in your schedule, then ask Him what is physically necessary (meals, laundry etc.) for the family to survive. After that ask the Lord to give you HIS priorities, and go through your list ranking the things you have written down . . . (read rest of post)
I finally bought MOTH and was so relieved to see it could work even for me ; ) The one area I'm having trouble is getting everyone up at a set time and then to bed again. I have a 17dd, 12dd, 3ds, and I care for my one year old nephew from 7 am to 5:30 pm. My nephew's schedule is what I based mine on since my sil had done such a great job working out a schedule for him already . . . (read rest of post)
Hi I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about but sweetmom posted something under a thread titled "Activities & toys for one year old during sibling time" that I found very helpful and even printed up for my oldest ones with my littlest one. Hope that helps! Erika . . . (read rest of post)
Hi, I am brand new to MOTHboard and have not even started my schedule, although it is nearly ready to go. I can and freeze every year, and it is soooooooooooooo time consuming. Since I have not started my schedule yet, I am not sure how it would work in, but I think what may happen is that on canning days, the whole afternoon or evening would be taken on canning days, and it would be kids can help, watch a video, play with Dad or freeplay, instead of the normal schedule if you are busy and not able to implement it . . . (read rest of post)
Well, our first week went very very well. I was not able to do everything at exactly the times I had set, and didn't get everything done, but I kept telling myself not to expect it all to come at once. Things take longer than I expected.I cannot believe it when I look at the clock. And all these fun Kindergarten learning games take a loooooooooooong time to play . . . (read rest of post)
I really need some help for scheduling my soon to be 1 year old. I have never had her on any schedule before. She is my 3rd and most spirited child yet : ) Currently she goes to sleep when we do at night which is usually between 11:00 and 12:00. She does not sleep thru the night, she wakes up several times to nurse. Then she wakes up in the morning between 8:30 and 9:30 . . . (read rest of post)
Are they all getting enough sleep? If not, you could start there and make sure they are gettting a good 11 hours or so a night,depending on their ages. My 6 and 8 year old need about 11 hours, and go to bed at 8 and are up by 6:45 each morning. I would make sure they are getting to bed at a decent hour, and if they are, I would wake them each day a bit earlier . . . (read rest of post)
Thank you everyone. You know something? In reading these responses, I think I need a huge attitude adjustment. Instead of worrying about them getting clean and everything being just perfect, I need to focus on teaching them how to do it. I need to realize that things just take longer right now. What I'm saying is, I need to relax and enjoy life! I don't know what causes their eczema exactly . . . (read rest of post)
I would search old posts for ideas but here are a few QUICK ones: CRIB TIME for your one year old- 1/2 hour with a bucket of toys. We do this twice a day and sometimes it goes for 45 minutes. TOWEL TIME for little one- same idea but in new location. My little one also likes to sit on my lap while I teach & we do NAPS twice a day at that age . . . (read rest of post)
So many good responses that you might not need my input... but, here you go! :) Our children are ages 7, 5, 3 & 19 months w/ a little one to arrive in December. My littles are involved w/ many of the subjects I teach- Bible, History, Science, Memory Period, Literature, etc but here are some ideas for the 3 year olds when I need them to do something by themselves so I can teach one-on-one w/ the older children: preschool, couch time (child plays w/ puzzles or books- one child per couch), while I teach math the 3 year old plays w/ manipulatives on the floor next to me, room time w/ music, table time (coloring, cutting w/ blunt scissors, blocks) & playtime or reading w/ other siblings . . . (read rest of post) was the day I was going to get to be home and do our schedule. Got up late as dh was up late last night getting the garage ready for delivery of materials to make the garage an apt for my mom DD woke up, having her glasses fallen off her bunk and get broken. now I need to decide whether to try this place that is closer and may or may not fix them, or run a half hour to sams . . . (read rest of post)
I made this beautiful schedule. I'd get to really teach my children, plan their work, and even exercise, scrapbook and read! Oh how I long to live it. But, this morning... about 5: 30 our sickish 3 year old climbs into bed with us. Ok, I tell myself, don't go dashing off. Cuddle him a don't get to do it much and he needs extra since we recently moved . . . (read rest of post)
We can discuss scheduling chores on MOTHBoard, but for more in depth discussion of chores and children, I would refer you the Managers of Their Chores our book about chores. If you don't have Managers of Their Chores, I think you would like it, and it would give you a lot of information about chores and a tool to implement them for your children . . . (read rest of post)
My little one year old twins have begun teething again. They're getting their molars, and they have begun to wake at night. I had tried to ease into our fall schedule this past week, but with two unexpected nighttime wakings (lasting anywhere from an hour to two), I haven't been able to consistly wake myself up. How have you dealt . . . (read rest of post)
For you ladies that break your cleaning up into daily chores: When do you do them? I have a good breakdown to get me through the week and get the house clean. However, I struggle with when in the schedule to do it. My children need me around when they are doing morning chores so that I can supervise and inspect. Maybe someday they will be trustworthy and independent enough- but for now I need to be rotating around as they do chores or they fall into folly! so . . . (read rest of post)
Kim-- We could be twins. I have an (almost) 10yodd, an 8yods, 6yodd, and a one year old ds! We also have to get all our schooling done in the am or I tend not to get it done. We get up much later than you, but I can tell you the flow of our morning and that might give you some ideas (just move the times up) 6:30 me up and shower etc 7:00 baby up and nursed (has not been happening on time . . . (read rest of post)
Teri (Maxwell) -- poster put in the title that the baby is 16 months if that helps any. I second the working on the daytime before worrying about the nighttime. For one thing, you will need all your energy to be consistent during the day and so getting your baby back to sleep quickly during the night will be essential for now. Once you have the daytime habits in place, you will feel up to being consistent on the nighttime . . . (read rest of post)
Hi,I'm having problems with my one year old and her time in her playpen.  She is scheduled for 15 minutes twice a day but is not at all happy on her own in there.  She used to be able to play happily for a short time and I had hoped to increase it to 30 mins but it does not look likely at the moment!  Does anyone have . . . (read rest of post)
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